Pink Balloons and Chocolate

For the spring photo contest.

My name is Amy and Derek is my best friend and I have secretly fallen in love with him, but he'll never see me that way.

Or so she thinks...

May switch POVs


1. The Hidden Truth


He was everything I could have asked for and more, but I couldn't call him mine. Derek was my best friend, but I let my guard down and I fell in love with him. There wasn't anything about him that I didn't love, from his dark tousled hair and baby blue eyes to his chiseled chest and toned abs to his great sense of humor and the way he'd die for those who he deeply cares about. There are some days where I think that maybe I'm more than a friend to him, but in the end I doubt it because he would never love someone like me.

"Ames, are you okay?" Derek asked using his nickname for me and snapping me out of my thoughts. 

"What? Yeah I'm fine."  I lied, seems like I've been doing a lot of that lately. He smiled at me and hand me a big bunch of pink balloons and I smiled. It was Valentines' Day and we were both single, so we decided to spend the day together.

"Do you like them?" He asked me sounding so sincere.

"Yes, of course I do." I told him, smiling to reassure him. I reached into my bag and pulled out a heart shaped box full of chocolates and gave it to Derek.

"Oh Ames, you didn't have to—"

"Shhhh," I said cutting him off and putting my finger to his lips wishing it was my very own lips.


"But nothing." I said cutting him off once again and removing my finger from his mouth.

"Fine, but I'm sharing. You have to eat some." He smirked at me.

"Why can't you ever be selfish?"

"Because I know you like chocolate." He said and we both laughed.

"Okay, but we're playing, 'No sight, but taste.' "

"Me first." Andy said sounding like a little kid. I grabbed the box from his hands and picked one that I knew he liked and popped in in his mouth. He starting chewing it and I watched his facial expression as it changed when he realized it was his favorite chocolate, the dark chocolate with fudge truffle and caramel. He then grabbed the box from me, considered his options for a little bit before popping one in my mouth. I realized it was my favorite one, the milk chocolate with fudge truffle and caramel and I smiled and we both started to laugh.

I finished the chocolate and we both stopped laughing after a little while and then it was just silence as we locekd eyes. He was looking at me in a way that I have only ever dreamed of. His eyes showed so must desire and love, but also fear as he looked into my eyes and leaned forward a little bit testing our invisible friendship barrier.


Derek POV


She was so beautiful, all of her, her silk blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes just drew me in. We were just laughing over the chocolates she got me, and we suddenly locked eyes in the pure silence. I leaned in forward just little testing our invisible friendship barrier. She didn't flinch or back away, so I closed my eyes and pressed my lips to hers, savoring the moment. She kissed me back with the same amount of desire, and I put my hands on her hips and she wrapped her little arms around my neck.




He saw that I didn't flinch or back away and he looked at me once more with those blue eyes of his and closed the gap between us as he pressed his lips to mine. His lips felt soft and they were warm, I kissed him back with just as much intensity. His hands found their way to my hips and I snaked my arms around his neck, pulling him closer. His tongue traced my bottom lip asking for entrance and I gladly let him in. His tongue swirled round mine and explored my mouth and I slipped my tongue in his mouth loving the feeling of our mouths together moving so in sync. We pulled away in need for air and out of breathe and all I could think was, Wow.

"I love you." Andy whispered, his voice sounding husky and incredibly sexy. I smiled, bit my lip and pulled him in for another kiss.

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