The mistaken clowns

For the Spring Picture Prompt:
The town of Trippe is in a world of worry and upset as its children are disappearing quickly. With the mysterious clowns kidnapping kids, they better have a good reason...


1. The Kidnap

The park was empty. April brought showers; heavy metallic rain bled from the clouds onto the soft apple grass. Squelchy, sticky and sickly mud  was frothing and bubbling whilst glorious deep forest green trees quivered slightly. But there was someone standing in the park. Somebody strange. Hunted by so many and loved by so few. The clown.

Bright ablaze scarlet hair rose from his head in static straggly curls, his piercing manipulating inflamed eyes shone through the musky weather and upon his face was a bitter crimson smile painted in what could only be blood. He held a bunch of appealing pink balloons. With the normal bright clown clothes; he seemed to play his part well. Kids loved him.

His waiting paid off because before long a little girl came running into the park. She seemed to be desperately crying, her lips were trembling and her heart was panicking. She looked only five or six. Completely soaked through was she; stumbling forwards looking for her mother that she had lost. When she caught sight of the clown she came to an abrupt halt. Was she going to do what all the other children before her had done?

 The clown suddenly came to life, beamed brightly and said what he always said. He seemed almost human. “Hello little girl. Are you lost?” In a split second he was at her side, acting concerned and kind. She nodded, shaking but already trusting the man with the balloons. “Well don’t worry my dear. Here have a balloon” he grinned handing her the pink gem. And that was all it took. Eyes fixated on her treasure, she stopped crying and smiled. “See that’s better now. If you come with me we can find your mummy and daddy.” He said sweetly. She nodded again.

The clown took her tiny hand into his and with a click of his fingers a shiny silver ladder appeared before them. Magic. Helping the innocent child onto the welcoming steps, they began to climb. Soon they disappeared in the ash-grey clouds with the clown’s clawed mangled blue feet and long snake-like crimson tongue vanishing too.

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