Songerie Hill


1. Chapter 1

 Suddenly, she was there. That's how Alora would later describe how she got to the mirror room. She had just been standing there, as if that's where she had spent all fourteen years of her life, standing in the middle of dim room made of mirrors. She said couldn't remember anything before that, but of course that was a lie. She had the vague memory of ice, laughter, screams, and then... the room. She couldn't tell anyone about that of course, they'd think her crazy. It never snowed at Songerie Hill, and just the thought was laughable. Whatever evil magic had sent her to the room had to of put those pictures in her head too. No, the mirrors were all she could ever speak about, and that was weird enough. It was like nothing she had ever seen. It was like a corridor, long and dim. You could have spent years looking for the end, and for all Alora knew, she might as well have. There wasn't a torch to be found, but the room was lit by a mysterious outside source.  Everywhere you looked, you could see yourself, as everything was made of mirrors. The walls, the ceiling, everything except the floor. Somehow, it was as if the place never had a floor, yet you could walk for miles and feel the ground beneath you. Alora noticed this, staring down into the dark vastness under her. Curious, she reached down her hand to feel... nothing. She waved her arm around, beneath her feet, but there was nothing there. She was standing on air, floating almost. She stood back up, bewildered. Then, she stretched out her arms, and fell backwards, waiting for the invisible force would catch her. Suddenly, she was falling through blackness. She let out a startled scream as the air rushed passed her, and the world became dark.

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