Hi I'm Isabel Payne. Yup I'm the daughter of Liam and Danielle. I live in a big house, 8 rooms, 5 bathrooms, 1 pool, and sadly all the other bad mates of dad. I have a secret to...... I have a crush on Niall horan. My dad knows about the crush too so he tries to keep me away from him. But will I fall for another boy? Maybe change my dads mind? I dunno so keep reading!!


1. Proluge

Hi I'm Isabel Payne. Yup Liam and Danielle's daughter. I'm 17 years old, I have blue eyes, long wavy blonde hair, tan skin, im really tall 5 foot 9" to be exact. I am a dancer, a singer. And I play softball, and basketball. Now all you probably want me to catch up to the Liam part yeah? Okay well my dad is way to over protective of me. He won't let me have a boyfriend, go to the mall by myself, and it's REALLY annoying!! But my mom she anyways takes me on shopping trips, and really fun places!! 

Moving along to friends and school. Luckily I don't get surrounded in school because my dad is in one direction and my mom is a dancer. I have 3 best friends ones is named Olivia, lily, and Casey. They all kind of look my with just their own style. I go to the Bridgewater Raynham Reginal High School. Oh and I live in Massachusetts! 

Now time for my uncles and aunts. Okay so since none of the other boys are officially married to their girlfriends I just call them auntie perrie and auntie Eleanor. Therefor my uncles are uncle Louis (he's hilarious😂😂) uncle Harry, uncle zayn, and uncle niall. I'm kind of happy my dad is the safe one because I literly can't get any sleep with them at our house!! They always either A. Wake me up B. annoy the crap out of me C. Make Werid noises or D. Talk loud. But I think Niall is really cute. Oh yea I forgot to tell you that I have a major crush on Niall but of course prevents the relationship. I just hope he likes me back!!


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