Beauty and The Games

What if popstar and teen sensation Justin Bieber praticipad in 76th annual Hunger Games?.

Find out here.

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P.S. i am not English so if i make a mistake in writing , dont stop reading please


1. The Reaping

'Justin!'. My mother  yelled across the room , waking my little sister and brother up.

Mom was making us breakfast. Today was the day everyone louthed. It was time for the 76th annual Hunger Games. The lives of 24 parents and children will be changing. I walked into the bathroom. I was living in District  12 , the poorest . People from '12 dont  live long in the games. Except Peeta Mellark and his wife Katniss Everdeen. Which sister died. At the age of thirteen. I would break if Jazmyn or Jaxon died.

So would my mom. I am so glad there not twelve. But I at the age of sixteen can!. I brush my teeth , make myself ready .Because maybe my life could end today.  'Honey, i laid some clothes for you. Put them on. Please?' she asks politely. 'Just give me ten minutes, and I'll be on my way.'I say towards her. On my bed some black trouses, a white tie, a black shirt  and cardigan. Nice, but it's not going to change my feelings. I'm missing Selena very much. I get tears in my eyes everytime I think of her. As a psychic Selena stood before my "house", a little cabin with a small kitchen, one bathroom, bedroom with no freaking water. 'Justin?, are you there?' she asks through the door. 'Sel, yeah. I am home'. Jaxon opens  the door and hugged Selena. Man, Jaxon loves Selena as much as I do. Maybe more. ' Hai, sweetie pie. How are you?'. Selena would be the perfect mother. Jazmyn greeted her also with a hug and Selena twirled her around. 'Look, Justin. I am flying like a bird. I could fly away from this horrible place. ' Jazmyn said seriously that was her dream. My mother greeted her to. She led Selena and said to Jazmyn and Jaxon they can go play. They rushed out of the room. Screaming. I think mom wanted to know about the games and how much Selena was in it. 'About twelve times, I think. We need the feed and money so' she said with tears in her eyes. I was in it  six times. I already was dressed. Selena was wearing a white dress with ruffles and in her brown hair she had a white ribbon.

'Oh Selena, I am so sorry to hear  that' my mom said. Normally Selena would stay strong and say these things to us , but not this time.


'Dont be, Pattie. Really dont' Selena fierce said and mumbled the last end.

We heard something outside

'EVERYONE, COME OUTSIDE FOR THE REAPING, STAY INSIDE ?, DEAL WITH THE CONSEQUENCE'. Some lovely Peacekeeper said. Well, that was it .  Everyone from our District came outside. First we needed to sign in. 'Next!' a woman dressed in white said. I was next, my mother and  family walked to the crowd. Lucky ones. My eyes met Selena . I laughed and waved at her. Shy she answered them. The women jabbed something that looked like a pen with a sharp thingy on it in my finger. It really hurted. She practically pushed my finger in some kind of book. I laughed  friendly to the women . 'Next!'. I walked until I saw some familiar faces . I found one. Lanvin Star. My neighbour . Lanvin looked like me. People think we're twins.  I waved and made my way to him. 'Yo, Bro. Sup' I said. But Lanvin was to busy checking some girl out. Actually the girl was Cleo Ferguson. I know her because she is Selena 's BFF and the sister of Jazmyn's friend Ellice. She was kinda hot. But not hotter than Selly. 'So , is someone in love?' I said teasing him, the fun stopped when some kind of monster caught  our eye. Emerald Reese had long green hair and a greenish / white skin. I tought she was sick. 'Hello, can i get your attention?, please' Emerald  says. 'It's my favorite time of the year'. On Emerald's  green painted lips there was a  smirk dancing.  How can she enjoy these things. She is mentally disturbed. 'Lets  start with the ladies' . The ladies all look terrified. Cleo looks down. 'Hhmm, and the lucky  lady is ..... Cleo Ferguson'. She claps in her hands and beckons Cleo. I am feeling sorry for Lanvin and Cleo. He never got the chance to say what he feels for her. A in schock Cleo steps on the stage and almost fell down. Her family is crying. Cleo cries to. And on the other hand I am glad it's not Selena. 'Now for the boys.' I am impatiently waiting. 'Justin Drew Bieber' .Wait a second, that's me.  Mom and the other ones are crying. 'Come on stage. Please young man. It feel like there's  lead in my shoes. I cannot move. I am glued to the ground.

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