Love Guard

Katie falls in love with the life guard at the local swimming pool and her friend Kirsty tries to help her, as she is going up against the most popular girl in her year, Linzy Marline...


1. Swimming

It all started they day i wanted to loose weight. It was just a week after the christmas holidays and i had put on more weight than i wanted to. I wasnt one for exersise but my friend said that a good way to loose weight was swimming, what could i say? i was a sucker for swimming pools. My mum said i should start eating more healthy food choices, but we both new that wasnt going to happen. So i decided to take in on the whole swiming pool idea and start doing laps up and down the local swimming pool. But first i need a new swim suit, my current swim suit was a hot pink one with little daisys round the side. I defonatley new i wasnt wearing that. So i went out and bought my self a navy blue 1piece swimming costume. I wasnt one for those slinky bikinis all my friends were buying. Today was the day i first started swimming. My friend Kirsty agreed to go swimming with me to give me some company. We started to walk down into the changing rooms. When i walked out i felt a little bit better about my weight because there were lots of people swimming in there trying to loose weight (at least i thought they were trying). Kirsty and I climbed into the freezing cold pool and started to swim. We started to talk about the life guard sitting on the bench. He had short brown hair and bright blue eyes that glimed in the sunlight. I felt my legs turning into mush as i thought about him. I caught a glimps of a girl walking up to him. It was Linzy Marline the most popular girl in my year, she wore these red heels and a short skirt to school. She walked up to him and kissed him on the cheek. And before I new it, i was drowning. I woke up and I gazed into his big blue eyes, and vomited my cuts out all over his feet (lucky it was just water) i felt so embaressed. He looked kinda strangely i got up and ran to the changing rooms Kirsty followed me. shouting "Katie, wait". I got my clothes on and started to walk home. 

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