It all started with a hug. A hug caused by the cold weather. We went on a long journey together. Hiding, running, and sharing the fear of every moment that passed by. The fear that we would get caught. Well, we do. The tortures, the beatings, and the whippings, all the hurting words they gave us. But, after a while. Just to be near the air he's in or near, was all that was needed to heal me. Just his touch on my skin, a huge smile would appear. And near the end. When there were no more tortures, there was no more him, to help me breath this life. This story wont be like so many of Leonardo Da Vinci's paintings; so many unfinished. And it will definitely not be like any of Shakespeare's stories; all tragic. I will not let it. And I know he wont either.


1. 1

"Ow!" Victoria yelled as her mother pulled hard the strings of her corset as Victoria held tight to the pole of her golden bed. 

"Can you please slow down?" She asked, once more.

"It's been a month Vic. When are you going to accept the Duke's offer? It's not good to make a guy wait so long." Her mother said, still pulling the strings toward her and opposite her.

"Stop calling me Vic." Victoria told her mom, clearly annoyed and helpless.

"I am your mother and can do whatever I please to you. Just thank your father that he has some pity and a good heart."

"I'll ran away."

"Ha! You wont even get to a mile before, the wolfs catch and tear you up."

"Maybe I will." Victoria hated how her mother was always discouraging.

"Listen to me. You will not dare think about such foolish things ever! You have been made and born to have a marriage with the Marquesses. Don't you want to be the Dutches and have a fairytale life with our future generations praising you? Fame and money; is all in life. Do you understand?" Her mother twirled Victoria, and they're faces were inches apart. Her mother; angry and demanding, seemed like she scared Victoria. 

"You're hurting me. Let go!" She said to her mother who was tightening her grip on Vic's arm. Her mother stood back. 

"I will not fulfill a prophecy that was promised before I was even born."

"It seems more like you are not satisfied with your life, Princess Victoria. What any teenage girl wont give to trade lives with you." Her mother said.

"I'm not asking for much. I'm waiting here, just for them to rebel. My life is all free in trade. All free." Vic said.

"Enough! We have already wasted much time talking the same things over and over again every morning! The Duke and Dutches and their family will be here tonight. Your father has arranged a dinner for you to get to know James the Duke's son." Her mother said.

"Uhhhhh." Vic whined. 

"Don't you whine like a stinky goat and act like a baby! You are near to having a baby of your own, you need to grow up." Victoria was shocked at this. 

"Now get ready, we are waiting for you at the hall for breakfast. Oh and don't forget to wear the best dress you have at dinner."  and her mother left and Vic rolled her eyes.

"All I want from this life is to fall in love with my own will. And that would be my one and only fairy tale." She whispered to herself. 


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