Marya is a typical teenager. All she wanted to do this summer was hang out with her friends; but her parents made her go to a camp for eight weeks with her sister Lavender. Marya hates everything about the camp, especially her sister. When Lavender gets injured, Marya has to face some things she would rather not face and she is scarred forever.


1. The Car




It all started on a normal Tuesday afternoon; the rain was coming down so hard, you could barely see two feet in front of you. I, Marya, a normal teenager with bluish-gray eyes and curly strawberry blond hair, was sitting in the stinky back seat of the old 1980’s car my father owned with my bratty younger sister Lavender. Lavender was the type of girl who would throw a fit if the shirt she liked at the store wasn’t in pink. Lavender had curly brown hair, and hazel eyes. I was mad because I got dragged off to summer camp with Lavender. My parents said it was the perfect time to bond. I thought I would be going to movies with my friends, or going to the beach for a few days and throw a party next to ocean this summer; but no, I was stuck in a small cabin with my little sis for eight weeks. NOT what you would call fun. And now I sit here writing, so I will always remember the last day I saw Lavender.


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