Black Bean

Black Bean is famous. He is riding in a limo with some friends when he sees a person in need of help. His friends don't want to help the person, but Black Bean helps him anyway. Then Black Bean goes on an adventure like no else.


1. Shallow Friends


        Once upon a time Black bean was in his limousine with his friends, and black bean saw a bean hobo was on the side of the street. So he told the driver bean to stop then he went out to give the hobo the change he had in his pocket which was about 100 dollars. But when he was about to get out of the limo black beans friends pulled him back. They asked him what he was doing. So he told them. When he finished they started to yell and tell him how stupid that was. They thought that he was stupid to give up his money like that and that it was pointless and that it would do nothing to help. But Black bean thought that they were greedy and wanted the money for themselves. He was about to get out of the limousine when his friends started to beat him up. He got kicked, punched, and throne across the limo. Finally his 3 friends stopped and let him give the money to the hobo. But as soon as he got out his limousine left him. So then he was about to call another one of his limousine's to come and pick him up, but he realized that he had left it in his bag which he left in his limo. So he just had to wander around and try to recognize the place where he was. But he couldn't so he went up to the hobo and gave him 90 dollars. He saved ten dollars so he could call from a phone booth and buy some water from a nearby diner.

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