The dream

Jessie is 15. She lives in a house with lots of other kids in it. The owners of the house adopt as many kids as they can. The only friends Jessie has are her books and the stories she writes. Jessie has had a horrifying dream for the past two years. She always wakes up drenched with sweat. What does this dream mean? She's scared to find out.


1. The Strange Dream














A graveyard at night.

By a mysterious house.

A scream breaks the creepy air.

Not just a scream, a scream that curdles your blood.

A mysterious creature getting closer.

The next thing you know-


My eyes fluttered open, I see the pictures on my wall.  I wake up to find myself drenched in sweat again. People are making noises around the house, and that would be enough to make thoughts fly out of your head, as was usual. I should explain, my name is Jessie. I live in a house that always has somewhere between 20 and 50 kids in it. The owners of the house take in as many kids as they can. They want to do what they can to help us find a safe family that will adopt us. People come here often. They want to adopt one of us. But sure enough, once they adopt one, another one pops up the day after. I have never been picked. People rarely see me. I'm invisible to almost everyone. I'm just fine with it. I'm fine with sitting in a corner with no one noticing me. I have two pass times, one is reading. Everyone else is talking and playing with there friends, but not me. I sit and read. Because I don't have friends. Nobody talks to me.When I do talk I'm surprised to hear my voice, I'm surprised that I have a voice.


My only other pass time is writing. I've wrote so many stories. I don't know if they're any good though. I keep them hidden under my old, disgusting mattress. I don't want anybody to see them.


Now back to my dream. I'm not sure what the meaning is, but I've had it every night for the past two years. I can never get past that place. What happens next, I don’t want to find out.


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