Daughter of Poseidon ( Percy Jackson Fan Fic/ Leo Valdez Love Story )

What if Percy Had A Half Sister What happened if Percy went missing what Happened's when She Meets Jason Leo And Piper while Trying to find Percy She Falls For Leo


1. Chapter one

~Paisley's P.o.v~ 
i woke Up this Morning Feeling A Little weird I Changed into my Camp Half blood Shirt and my Skinny jeans "Percy Come On" I said There was a Silence In The Cabin I looked Into Percy's Bed it was Empty I Started to Freak Out A Little "Percy" I said I went out side our balcony He wasn't there I went to Annabeth's Cabin "Annabeth have you seen Percy" I asked walking In " No I have This strange Feeling He went missing" She Said "But how He was With you Yesterday"I said " I Don't know I Thought He went Back To The cabin" she Said " He Came Back But the Bed was Empty" I Said We left Her cabin And looked Around we Spotted Will From the Apollo Cabin "Will Have you seen Percy" I asked "nope Sorry I haven't " He said "alright Thanks" I told Him Me And Annabeth Decided to Split up I Started telling everyone that Percy went missing When we All met up at the sword arena "anyone Have anything"  I said Getting A Little sad everyone Shook there Heads I Broke Down On my knees Crying will from.the Apollo cabin Bend down And pulled me into A hug I Buried my face into his Chest "we need to tell Chiron " Annabeth said I looked up from her " No I'm Gonna Go Look for him" I Said "Pay its too dangerous" Rachel Said "i Don't care Percy is my Brother" I said as i was going to get black Jack "your not Going Anywhere with out me" Annabeth said O Let out A Sigh "Fine Get on" I Said   She Got on And with that we Left We looked everywhere And he is no where to be Found I decided to go to Percy's mom's House  

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