Kissing in the Rain

Tessa and her friend Dehlyla are walking home from school in the rain and bump into Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall, and Zayn. Little did they know that they would soon be traveling the world with the boys.


1. The Beginning

Tessa's POV

After school Ella and I are walking home and talking about which 1D member we like most. We started arguing over who loves Liam the most when it starts raining. We run under a covering and get out an umbrella. Then we continue walking not noticing were we are going. We run in to Liam and Louis from One Direction. When I hit Louis, he touches holds my arm for a second.

"Are you ok?" he says while he smiles at me. I try to contain myself. Everybody at my school calls One Direction gay, but I just ignore them. I look at Ella but she is just looking at Liam. I can't believe I'm with Louis and Liam. If i look behind them I can see Niall, Zayn and Harry.

"Hello?" he asks. I completely zoned out. 

"Oh sorry. I'm fine" I can feel myself turning red. 

"Good", He smiles at me and whispers in my ear "At five, meet me in Kennington Park"

And then he walks away with the rest of the boys. Liam smiles at Ella and winks.

Liam's POV

I just asked out a beautiful girl named Ella. She gave me her number so I'm going to call her tonight. Technically she isn't my girlfriend yet but hopefully she will be soon. I just hope Hannah doesn't come back at the wrong time. I've tried to end it with her so many times. She always comes back just when I try to move on.


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