Ok, this is a rant about the quality of writing on this site. Seriously, some of you write like 8 year olds! I know I can't change anything, but perhaps...


1. Ranty Rant Rant

My sister is 10 years old and hates writing.

She can still write better than many people on this website.

How do you explain that? My sister writing better than a bunch of 16 year old Directioners. You guys are just illiterate. So please, at least take writing courses, please! 

I have also realised something else, in the short time I have been here. My friend, Smiler, is a great writer, but didn't achieve much appreciation until she wrote "Ocean Blue", a One Direction fanfiction. That fanfiction has got 606 wiews, more than all my views put together. 

I think tbat you should like movellas on the plotline, the characters, and the quality, not only because it has your favourite boy band in it. These Directioners are giving fanfictions a bad name, and not just 1D based ones. 

I know I'mm not going to change anything, and no one will respond, so I will finish here  After all, we are only specks in a sea of life, I don't expect to be singled out...

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