1. Lasli

Lasli’s  p.o.v:

Dear diary ,

What can I Say .Today was a normal day like usual but it will get better tonight since Liam is coming to sleep over with Louis .I just can’t help but get excited .Maybe he’ll talk to me or I don’t know..I just miss him it’s been a while since I saw his deep brown eyes and his beautiful smile .I just wish he felt the same way about me but I know I’m just a little girl in his eyes .I wish I had the opportunities to show him I am not a little girl .Oh well who knows maybe someday …

I sighed as I closed my diary and quickly hid it under the bed .Let me tell you about myself :My name is Lasli but my friends call me Lali and Louis calls me” creepy Lali” maybe because we always fight and probably hate each other .Louis is my brother ,my big brother .He is so annoying and growth and lazy .He always teases me because I’m younger than him so he thinks he is the best .Ugh he is so bossy and I hate him .He always makes fun of me especially in front of his bestfriend and what kills me the most is that I’m truly in love with his bestfriend, Liam .His big brown eyes ,his curly hair and his perfect smile just light up my world .But unfortunately I’m just his bestfriend’s “little “ sister .Louis does not know anything and he won’t .There is no way I’m telling that stupid guy that I love his bestfriend .He’ll make fun of me and he’ll probably go tell him .ooh that would be embarrassing .Anyway I..

“Lasli !! Lasli!!!”


“Come I need to talk to you “

Ugh I moaned as I walked down the stairs to the living room where Louis was sitting.

“What do you want ?”I asked as I sat next to him and took the remote out of his hands .

“well you know Liam is coming over and since mom and dad aren’t here you need to cook us dinner .”he said as he took the remote out of my hands.

“what ?why can’t you cook for yourself ?!”

“Because you’re a girl and we’re boys !”

“so what ?”

“Boys don’t cook “

“Ugh fine ! but you’ll need to go to the grocery shop and buy me some foods .”

“Fine .I’ll go later .”

“No now !!”

“whatever “he said as he got his keys and walked out of the house .

Ok so all I have to do is get a nice cold shower and dress up well –gotta look good for Liam right ?-then I’ll prepare dinner .


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