The Dead of Winter

Summer and Autumn are twins. They're detectives. And they are investigating something that will change their lives forever.


1. Summer, Autumn and Winter.

In the cramped, cold basement of Winter Mansions, a 15th century house in the Scottish Highlands worn down by centuries of rain, sleet, wind and snow, are two young women. The first, on the one side of the basement, closed in by thousands of sheets of paper strewn everywhere, has blonde, french-plaited hair, blonde like the summer sunshine on a Devon beach. In fact, she lives up to her appearance: her name is Summer. She sits in her white leather chair, stacks of paper work, books and police files scattered on her tiny work desk, as well as several empty cups of coffee.

On the other side of the basement is the other young woman, sat at her tidy desk in front of a computer. She has fiery red hair, red like autumn leaves. Again, she lives up to her appearance: her name is Autumn. She looks solemnly at her computer, deep in thought.

Both young women have pale skin, white like snow, and deep icy blue eyes, a whirlwind of emotion dancing across their faces, an indication of their last name: Winters. Summer and Autumn Winters. Sisters. In fact, twins.

Everything is quiet in the room, apart from the steady rhythm of the clock, a countdown of fear like an army march, an army ready for battle. The women are silent, and, if you look closely, cry.

They need to know something, something that will change their lives forever, something that no-one knows about, and that they alone care about. Because Summer and Autumn Winters are orphans. They have been so for three days. And they are investigating the murder of their parents.


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