Right now I am dying and only one thing can save me. Belief. The belief in the fair folk, the belief in creatures like me.


1. Save us

I felt pain ripple though my body as another child grew up and said. And said the dreaded words. And said 'I don't believe'. It doesn't matter if they don't believe in Father Christmas or if they don't believe in the tooth fairy. All that matters is they don't believe. Most of you reading this now will be laughing, smirking knowing that they aren't real. Well in a way I guess your right they aren't real but what they represent is. I am real. I have wings and I'm not bigger than your hand. AHHHHH!!! Not another nonbeliever in one day. What's happening we only usually have one new nonbeliever a week.


You won't want to know how I'm feeling, you probably don't even care. Most of you will have skipped ahead bored already. You don't want me to change your mind, you want to carry on thinking that the Fair Folk don't exist, that we are fake. However once in a while one person out there will read this and one in every hundred people who do will believe again and that's why I'm doing this. That's what we need. 


Here's the thing. The most basic fact of all. Were dying out. Every time a human says they don't believe one of us dies and the rest of us just feel there soul parting into the air. Only you can save us. Only if you believe. Every time someone new believes or a nonbeliever believes again one of our females gets fertile. That where one of the problems is we don't always know who it is and then it is always possible for them to die before the baby is born if they do conceive

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