Delta Hotel

A soldier Stationed in Afghanistan is thrown many miles from base camp and most now fight his way home.


1. Welcome to Afghan

October 21st 2008



When I first made if to base camp we were quickly led to the briefing room. Already we should out to fight. I was starting to regret my decision to sign up for the US Army Rangers, but now it was way too late to turn back. As we all found our chairs we heard the general say “Welcome to afghan” This was apparently his introduction to the briefing. As the briefing went on we started to hear the helicopters landing outside.


Finally he had finished and we could get armed. A lot of thoughts went though my head when I entered the helicopter. It took nearly two hours before we made it there. But suddenly out of nowhere we were hit, everybody held on for dear life as we quickly descended towards the ground. The last thing I heard was the pilot screaming “HOLD ON!”

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