You Are My One &Only

Three girls, Emma, Isabella, and Kendra, have just moved to London and happen to meet five boys, One Direction to be exact. The boys fall for the girls immediately and the girls just so happen to be fans. The boys and the girls stick with each other through everything; their friendships are put to the test. Will they be able to over come their troubles? (So this is my story that I wrote on tumblr, but it was called Moments. I added a few changes to make it better. Hope y'all like it!)


1. To London (part 1)

Emma's POV:

  “Eehh!” I scream jumping up and down in my seat. I can't believe that we are finally moving to London.

 “Calm down Emma,” says my cousin Isabella sitting next to me on the plane. Our cousin Kendra is sitting next to her.

 ”Leave her alone. She’s excited to be going back to the UK.”  It's true, I was. I was born in Dublin, Ireland and came to the USA when I was two.

  ” Yeah I know, but she’s going to scare whoever sits next to us,” says Isabella motioning to the seats next to us.

  “Don’t worry, I’ll calm down,” I say giggling.

   “May you please take your seats. The plane is taking off in a few  minutes,” announces the flight host. We  settle down then five guys walk into first class. When we all look back, we see One Direction.

   I quickly turn around and text the girls to play it cool. Pretend we didn't know who they were. They nod their heads and pretend like nothing ever happened.

   I can smell the boys cologne as they quickly sit down next to us.

Harry's POV:

 When the boys and I walk into first class we are struck by three very pretty girls.

  “Lads, look,” Niall says.

  “Oh man aren't we lucky?” Zayn asks.

   “Yeah, cause i’m the Irish one, duh,” Niall says with a grin. We all look at him and laugh.

 “Lets play it cool, okay? Don’t make a big scene,” Louis says.

  “Like what?” Zayn asks.

  “Like…” Louis begins to say then starts to jump around and scream waving his arms. He was fangirling. We all laugh. “Something like that,” Louis says fixing his shirt and hair.

   “Do you think they’ll fan-girl, like Louis?” Zayn asks.

   “I doubt it. We would have been tackled to the ground by now,” Liam says.

    “Maybe they don’t know who we are, or just don’t care,” I say as I look at the girls again.

    I look at all the girls, but I mostly look at the girl with long curly light brown hair. She was wearing a superman front tied, red shorts, a pair of white converse, and a superman snapback. She's really pretty and seems like fun.

   She catches me looking and I look into her sky blue eyes. She smiles shyly revealing her two dimples. I offer her a smile and a wink and to my surprise she returns it.

 Niall's POV:

  I look at the girls as the boys and I sit down in the seats next to them.  There, sitting down with the other girls, is one of the most prettiest girl I have ever seen. She was sitting next to her friends laughing and joking around, and for some reason I really want to make her laugh more.

  She was wearing a light  blue Pikachu tee, black skinny jeans, and white Keds. Her  long wavy wine colored hair that deepens into a pink at the tips travels down her back. She's a tan beauty with soft teal eyes and only one dimple. Wait, she only has one?  She looks at me and sends a smile in my direction.  I return it and she giggles softly. She turns back to her friends and I do the same.  

Zayn's POV:

  The girls are laughing and telling stories, but the girl with long jet black hair keeps glancing over here. Her chocolate brown orbs looking into mine. I turn quickly feeling myself blush, but sneak a glance over to her.

  She's wearing a brown romper with white wedges, and the white flower in her hair makes her look like a island princess.

  "Hey, Zayn. You okay?" Louis asks me. I turn to them and nod.

  "Good, cos you were just biting your lip," Niall says with a cheeky smile. I feel myself blush again and hide my face with my hat.

Isabella’s POV:

 I text the girls and ask them if they saw Louis spas out earlier. They answer quickly with a yes. I look up and see the girls trying to hold in their laughter, but then Emma just bursts out.

 I look at the boys and they look at Emma with concern. Emma can't stop, which is why we try hard not to make her laugh. Then Kendra starts laughing. They both were are laughing so hard that tears are streaming down their faces. Was I the only one who was normal? I quickly hide my face and start playing with my nails, something I do when i’m nervous.

 I look up and there's Niall Horan smiling at me. I give him a “they’re weird” look, and he just laughs and shrugs like “i feel the same way”. Then we lock eyes. It feels like we are the only two on the plane.

 “Isabella,” Emma sings, and forces me to look away from Niall. Emma has a cheeky smile showing her two dimples. She always looks like this when she's about to do something to me.

  She runs to me and grabs my phone and unlocks it

   “Oh what a cute wallpaper! Forgot you had that one,” she says and laughs then stops as she sees me running to her.

Emma’s POV:

 Oh shit, i’m gonna die!

  Isabella comes at me and I try to keep the phone from her, but she’s like 5’4” and i’m like 5’1”. She grabs her phone and then hits the back of my head.

  “Ow! You just killed two brain cells,” I yell taking off my snapback and rubbing my head. I then shake  my hair and put my hat back on.

   “Keep doing that and more than two brain cells will die,” Isabella says sitting back down. She puts her phone away and brings her left knee up to her chest.

   “Do what?” I ask knowing exactly what she was talking about.

   “Shake, flip, or whatever it is that you do to your hair,” she says annoyed.

   “Oh, you mean this?” I ask, then I take my hat off and shake my hair in her face. She just glares at me and I hear the boys laugh.  “Smells like strawberries, right?” I ask sitting back down.

   “Yeah, sure,” she says sarcastically  looking back at the ground.

 “May you girls take your seats,” demands a flight attendant, glaring at Isabella and me.

   “Oh, sorry,” we both say. The attendant turns to the boys.

   “Are these girls bothering you?” she ask disgusted. Isabella’s jaw drops.

“What she say?”  Isabella asks. I just shrug and give the attendant a look.

Harry’s POV:

  “No, not at all,” Louis says, “They’re actually quite cute.”  The attendant looks surprised and just walks away. I see the girls and notice that Little Miss Superman was smiling at me. I also notice that she has a lazy eye and it looks really cute.

   ‘Thank you’ she mouths. I wave my hand as if it were nothing.

    “Sorry ladies, she looks like she woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning,” Niall says laughing a little.

   “No problem, I would have probably kicked her ass,” says the girl with the pink tips.

    “Yeah then she would have kicked you off the plane,” says Superman, while laughing and looking at her phone.        

   “We’re One Direction,” Liam says clasping his hands together.

    “With a sleeping Zayn,” Louis says pointing to Zayn. The girls giggle.

     “Oh, we know who you boys are. I’m Emma Hyland,” says Superman,” And these are my cousins Kendra Gomez,” she points to the girl with long black hair, “And our cousin, Isabella Gomez,” she points to the girl with pink tips.

     “Hey! You stole my identity!” Louis yells at Emma.

      “What?” she asks looking at him confused.

     “My super identity!” he shouts pointing to her superman shirt.

    “Oh,” she says looking down at her shirt, “Yeah, maybe, but I rock it better,” she says.

     “She does have a point,” I put in winking at her. She blushes and bites her lip.

      “How do you know? Have you even seen me in a superman t-shirt?” he asks her.

       “Oh, I have and you’re right, you do look better,” she says pointing to a picture of Louis in a superman t-shirt on her phone. I just laugh.

Zayn’s POV:

      I guess I  dozed off. I wake up and look around.

      “Well, sleeping beauty is finally awake,” Harry says to me as he punches my arm.

     “How long was I out for?” I ask rubbing my arm.

      “Oh for about a good twenty minutes,” Liam says.

      “Yeah and you were snoring the whole time,” Louis puts in and Niall who was sitting next to Louis pretends to be asleep and starts snoring. I stick my tongue out at them, then I remember the three girls next to us.

      I look at them and they were all hovering over the girl with long black hair. They’re on her laptop laughing at something. Whatever it is, it was making the girl with the pink tips blush.

      “Come on, please Kendra,” she pleads to the girl with long black hair.

      “Oh come on Isabella. It’s not that bad,” the girl with the superman t-shirt says.

      “Yes it is Emma,” Isabella says to the girl in the superman t-shirt. Then Emma takes out some pictures and Isabella get really red.

   “The girls seem very chill, don’t you think Zayn?” Liam asks looking at the girls.

     “Yeah,” I say looking at Kendra, she sees me staring and smiles shyly, ”They seem fun to hang out with,” I add.

Niall’s POV:

      All the girls were laughing, even Isabella joins in after a while. All of a sudden one of the pictures in Isabella’s hand falls to the ground. I quickly bend over to pick it up for her, but so is she and we end up bumping heads.

     “Are you okay? I’m so sorry,”  I apologise giving her my hand.

     “No it’s okay. It was an accident,” she says taking my hand. I help her up and hand the picture back to her.    

     “Thank you Mr. Horan,” she says winking and taking the picture back. I smile.

   ”You were really cute back then, but you’re beautiful now,” I say.

    She smiles and starts to play with her necklace.

     “That’s a cute necklace, ” I say pointing to the clover around her neck.

     “Oh thanks,” she says holding it.

      “You Irish?” I ask.

        “No it’s in memory of Emma’s grandfather, who was my grandfather, but like, distant. If you know what I mean?” she says  looking at Emma who was rubbing a tattoo of a clover on her left wrist, most likely in memory of her grandfather.

     “So you girls going to London?” I ask changing the subject.

     “yup,” Emma says super excited. The boys and I laugh.

     “We’re moving to London to be exact,” Kendra says. I look at the boys and I know that they were thinking the same thing I was.

    “Why don’t we show you around?” I ask looking at the girls who were starting to smile like crazy.

   ” Yeah that would be really cool,” Isabella says jumping up and down in her seat .

   “Just think, us taking these three lovely girls on a tour of London,” Harry says with a cheeky smile.

    ”I guess it’s a date then,” Isabella says and I wink at her.

Harry’s POV:

       The flight attendant came in with a cart of food and I know right away that Niall would run up to the cart, but to my surprise Emma was right next to him grabbing a lot of food. The rest of us follow and then we all sit down and start to eat.

    ”So, Emma you have Irish blood in you?” Niall asks swallowing his food.

     “Yeah, I was born in Dublin and came to the States when I was two,” she says and takes another bite of her sandwich.

    “I thought  I could hear a bit of an Irish accent here and there,” Zayn says wiping his mouth with a napkin.

    I keep looking at Emma, at her sweet light brown hair that curls every which way. She looks at me and smiles showing me her two dimples. I smile back at her and we both laugh.

     “So Mr. Styles, I would like to get to know you more,” she says.

     “You probably know a lot about me already. Why don’t you tell me about yourself?” I ask looking into her sky blue eyes. She giggles and starts to unwrap her life. She tells me about moving to the States and coming to Dublin and London to visit her family and friends every now and then. she tells me about her love for music, reading, writing, and art. I ask her if she has any siblings, and she says that she has four older brothers. Then she tells me about her school life and her friends back home, and from there we kind of went to her love life. I’m surprised to hear that all of her relationships ended with the boy cheating on her.

      “How can a girl as beautiful as you, have such bad luck?” I ask. She just blushes. I smile and think that her luck might change.

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