Zappa Duck

This is the story of zappa duck part of the lucky duckys he has a big feathery fight with the other duck so he leaves, this is the story of his solo carer fighting EVIL!!!!!


1. Feathers Everywhere

"Zappa Quack ZAPPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Yelled Duky Blaze the oldest of the Lucky Duckies trying to find the youngest member at 20 "Were under attack"

"Am I bothered look into my face and weep I'm the most epic duck ever and you know it. I would break into song but that will be Quackers. Go and get the others I'm not helping and I don't care about it I cant master my powers. You know it I will not go out there and that is FINAL!!!!!!!!!!" The lighting duck said

"Please just try to go out there you will learn to master your powers just try Zappa please I'm begging your please" Ducky Blaze pleaded

"You just don't get it" said Zappa

Suddenly the fire duck leapt up and started to fight Zappa When the other members of the Lucky Duckys, looked, paused and joined in there was feathers everywhere on the sofa the T.V the bed even in the toaster (not kidding there actually was). All that could be heard was quacking, thudding and crashing it was a full on fight. That gave the attacker the advantage they started attacking the city and the hideout. It was chaos, utter chaos. The attacker had the advantage and the rest of the Lucky Duckies were struggling to hold them back. This looked like the end of the Lucky Duckies...





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