When hot, fifteen years old Caleb tries to steal Jessica's dad's car she falls for him. Meanwhile her brother Jason is at a bookstore, but could it be another normal bookstore or does something else lye behind it? Could her brother be involved in street crimes? Just another book about gangsters and guns reveal secrets. I only wrote chapter one but will hopefully continue writing.


1. Introduction

  "Everything I steal becomes mine." He said charmingly. Steal my heart I thought. Pointing the gun at me he snatched the car's key from my hand and I wasn't going to watch him steal my dad's Porch. I can imagine my dad freaking out, complaining how much it costs, and blaming my brother and I for not locking it. My brown eyes turned to meet his gaze. His green eyes sent a shock through my body, I shivered. I wondered what took my brother so long, how hard is it to get a book from a bookstore? But I wasn't going to let him steal the Porch just like that. I gathered my strength and started thinking of a solution, fight. I have to fight him, but how? My brother had taught me tie boxing when I was five but he never mentioned there will be any guns. "It's a beautiful car, what a loss." He took a fast look at the car. I took advantage.

    I pined the gun downwards quickly with two hands and made sure he wouldn't pull the trigger. He struggled against me and tried to reach for his other arm but I hit him hard with my elbow, really hard. Finally I managed to snatch the gun, twisting his wrist I grabbed the gun and pointed it back at him stepping out of the car. "Out." I said sharply. He opened his mouth to say something but I cut him off pulling the safety, "Now." Still sharp. He opened the car's door and stepped out turning to meet my gaze closing the door. "You don't wanna do this." He said sarcastically with two hands held up high in the air but I knew he was scared.                                                                      

 "Give me the key." I ordered turning round the car to face him face to face. "Why don't you give me my gun first." He let the key slip down from his palm and held it from its chains." 'Coz you'll aim at me again, won't you?"

     I tried to sound strong and tough, I didn't want him to think I'm weak but we both know he can take me out without blinking. Clearly he can, he's well built and his black T-shirt made his muscles look even larger. I didn't understand why was he stealing cars and probably other things when he's only fourteen, my age.

"I promise I won't." he said it charmingly twisting his head to the right. If I didn't know any better I'd say he was flirting with me. The way his green eyes sparkle under the sun in front of the sea, I could've sworn he was a witch if he wasn't stealing the car.

Snapping back to reality, "The key." I demanded. "My gun." he insisted.  "You want your gun?"   "Yes."

    I got out the detachable and threw it far in the sea. "There you go." I threw the gun towards  him. "What. Have you. done?" he stared at me angrily then decided to play it cool. "That wasn't a wise move." Sarcastically again."Why do you care it must have been stolen too." I felt my eyes sparkling under the sun.  "Yeah your right it is. But your gonna jump and get it." He got out a pocket knife. I wondered what else does he have, a machine gun or a Muzzleloader.



 "What? You're kidding, right." He has to be, the sea is like a million feet down.   "Do I look like I am?"   

    I didn't know what to do at this point, was he being sarcastic again or what? This moment felt a little frustrating and weird. He motioned his pocket knife towards the sea and gave me a look that says 'go ahead', and then pointed it back at me. I had no solution but to fight again and it wasn't going to be as easy this time. Damn it!   "Why don't you drop your knife and fight like a man." I suggested. He laughed.   "What, oh, you serious?" I just stared at him.

    He probably was going to say he can't hit a girl but I didn't give him a chance to do so. I kicked the knife with my right foot and it fell on the ground six feet away from us. I tried to hit him with my fist but I failed. He grabbed my hand before I could hit him and twisted my wrist, it hurt. I spun myself around and kicked his right knee with my left foot. I tried to hit him again with my left fist this time but it was no difference. He caught my hand and twisted my arm backwards with one hand and pulled me closer to him that my back clutched against his chest. He was so close to me, I could feel his breath on my skin. I can imagine the way he is looking at me right now though I can't see it. I felt like stabbing him with a knife. With his other hand he held the key from its chains and raised it to the level of my eyes. "Don’t hurt yourself, I'm not leaving empty handed." He smiled confidently.

    "I won't."  I twisted his arm and kicked him on his stomach with my knee. I felt the anger climbing up his face. He felt the pain and I knew it. He tried kicking me with his left leg but I grabbed it and spun him round, he landed painfully on his stomach. I took the opportunity and grabbed his right arm and twisted it all the way to his shoulder. "The key." I said happily, enjoying the moment of victory. "That hurts." He struggled. "Good, now give me the key." I felt he wasn't going to do that, that he had a plan, so I pushed his arm a little harder. "Ouch, okay, okay, stop." I opened my hand; he placed the key in my palm gently. "What's that?" I said still focusing on applying more force.  He had his own second thoughts then said loudly but softly "I'm sorry." "Leave." "Okay." "Empty handed." "Empty handed." He assured me. I felt 'not exactly' slipping down his tongue but I believed him. I let go.

    "God, where did that come from?" He was amazed. "Didn't see that coming, ha?" I smiled friendly. I know I shouldn't be talking to a thief that tried not just to steal my dad's car but tried to kill me, but I didn't know what I was doing. "It's hard to believe someone your size can do that." Yes, I agreed with him. I was slim and thin and everyone looks at me like I'm a soft delicate girl.  He was resting his shoulder by whelming it with his other hand. He stood there, in the middle of the street staring at me. For a moment I found myself staring deeply into his eyes like I was lost in them. "Well, aren't you leaving?"  "Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know the street was yours."





    He seemed so kind and nice a second ago, what's got into him now? "No, but the car is." "You can have it." He replied. I don't blame him, I mean a girl kicked his ass and beat him up; almost. It felt good honestly but I was still confused about the whole thief thing, not mentioning what a cute thief he is. He shot me one more glare, turned around and left like nothing had happened.

    I tried to do the same thing and got in the car but locked it this time. I caught my brother walking out of the store with a bag in his hand. Unlocking the car I tried to forget what happened. He opened the door, sat down comfortably and put his seatbelt on. "What took you so long?" "I saw a friend of mine." "And you spent twenty minutes talking to your friend?" I didn't believe him, an instinct deep down told me he was lying. I decided not to tell him about what happened earlier and put my seatbelt on. The engines roared back to life and we drove away.


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