Gotta Be You

When a die hard one direction fan meets her five idols for the first time how will the boys fall for she always dreamed or a far different way?


1. The Flight!

 Lexi's P.O.V

I just said goodbye to my mom and am hopping onto the plane i am going to my Aunt's house for the summer in Ireland although i wasn't to sure where in Ireland. Oh well i guess i will find out, i sat down in the planes chair and put my headphones in turning on my one direction album on repeat and felt myself drift off to sleep. "wake up, wake up ma'am we have reached your destination" i heard and someone shook me slightly "oh, okay thanks" i said slow stretching and getting out of my seat. I grabbed my carry-ons and walked off as i turned the corner i saw my aunty standing there looking completely exhausted."hey!" she yelled running over and giving me a big hug "Hi" i said while yawning "Haha someones tired, but dont worry in about half an hour we will be home and you can go to sleep" she said pulling me over to my luggage. **** Finally we arrived home and i walked up to my usual bedroom that i got when i went there saying goodnight to my aunty and then closing the door behind me i needed a good sleep. I was just about alseep when i heard my phone buzz i looked over unlocking it and seeing i got one new message from Jess:Hey hope you made it safe cant wait to come visit you in a few weeks still cant believe your aunty is letting me come! X To jess:Hey! and yes i made it safe and i know i cant wait to see you either! i replied putting my phone down and rolling onto my side i knew this summer would be fun i get to hang with my bestie and you never know maybe i will find a boy! right as i drifed off to sleep i relised i still didnt know where i was i mean i fell alsleep while coming home from the airport i guess i will have to ask in the morning. *the next day* I woke up and went down stairs still in my pajamas my aunty sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee "goodmorning" she said embracing me in a warm hug "moring" i replied rubbing my eye i ate breakfast and got ready so i decided i might as well go for a walk and explore a bit. i left and went to a near by park and sat on the swing.A couple minutes later i noticed someone sitting on the swing next to me i turned my head and saw.......

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