Everything about you

Jade is 21. She recently graduated college. When she takes her little sister to a concert her whole world flips around.


3. It's a date

Jade's pov: I jumped into my car followed by sati and destiny. I drove sati home. "Have fun at the club!" She said with a wink. What was that about? I speed home. It was already 8:30, I liked to be at the club by 9:15. I ran in our flat. Destiny came in behind me. I took off my dress and slipped my black one on. I put on my heels that had a little bow on the back. Destiny cam out of the bathroom with a red dress that had jewels at the top. I gave her the thumbs up, and we grabbed our purses and iPhones and walked out our flat. We had a good bit of money because first destiny's dad is from the band journey. And second I worked as a part time model for Hollister. We drove to the club and got out of the car. Kierstan my worst enemy was standing outside with her so called boyfriend that asked me out last year when the dated for the 5th time. Mark was a real player. She was over there sucking off his face. She and I used to be best friends until she met him. She used to also love one direction and now hates them like me. I walked passed her and rolled my eyes. I didn't notice destiny walk in before me. I walked in to see her with some guy,who had his back towards me, dancing. I just waved and walked to the bar. I ordered sex on the beach. I know it sounds gross but It was really good. I sipped at it when a guy came and sat beside me. I looked away cuz I knew he was just
Some guy wanting to flirt. "Excuse me?" I heard. I turned around and saw who the guy was. Louis. You have got to be kidding me. "Who told you I was here?" I asked. I was trying to be nice. "Your sister." He said. Wow couldn't have guessed, note of sarcasm. She is going to pay double. I smiled sweetly. "Oh, okay." I said and ordered another drink. "I was wondering," he began "would you like to dance?" He asked. I didn't need to be rude to him after he had been so nice. But I still didn't like him. But I was wanting to dance. "Um, I guess." I said. He had a big smile spread from ear to ear on his face. I got up and took his hand. We danced like we were never going to dance again. I felt a little uncomfortable with my bum on his crotch but I ignored it. I look over to destiny who was dancing with Liam who I didn't notice before. Louis spun me around. I looked up into his beautiful blue eyes. While he looked down into my brown ones. It seemed like forever until we finally broke our stare. He looked down at me again and I looked up. He leaned in and kissed me softly on the lips. "I have been waiting ever since I saw you in the crowd to do that." He said. I blushed. I laughed and he grabbed me phone from my purse and started typing. "Well!" I said. He chuckled. I smiled and he sent a message from my phone to his. I was getting tired, so I took my phone,gave him a hug and went a grabbed destiny. When I walked over to her she said that she was going to stay with Liam. Wow she was a flirt. I just shrugged and walked out. When I got home I got a message from Louis who had put his name in my phone as boobear. Was that his nickname. 
To: Jade
I had an amazing time, can't wait to see you again, can we meet again?
Boobear xx
I giggled and replied.
To: Boobear
I had fun to even know I barley know who you are, but I'd love to go out tomorrow.
Jade xx
He replied and said he's pick me up at my house a 1:00 tomorrow. Wait how does he know where I live?

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