Everything about you

Jade is 21. She recently graduated college. When she takes her little sister to a concert her whole world flips around.


4. Carrot queen

Jade Pov: 

I woke up to destiny yelling at me to get up.

"Noooo.." I mumbled in my pillow.

She came over and took the pillow from under me and started whacking me with it. 

"Alright I'm up!" I sorta yelled, getting annoyed.

"Louis is downstairs, waiting for you." She said like it was no big deal.

"What! What time is it?" I asked.

"1:34." She said.

I got up and threw on a dress that was pink with stripes, it was from Hollister.

I pulled my hair up into an elegant side bun and pulled my white converses on. Simple but effective.

I grabbed my phone and ran downstairs.

I yawned and looked at Louis. He was wear a pink and white striped shirt with white pants. We matched. 

"We'll, I didn't know we were planing on matching." He said chuckling.

"No, you just copy what I wear, stalker." I said joking.

"Hey, I got ready and up before you so technically you copied me." He smirked.

"Oh shut up all ready, I'm facetiming Liam, and he's hearing everything!" Destiny screamed from upstairs. 

We just started laughing and he held the door open for me.

"Why thank you mister." I said.

"Anything for a beautiful girl like you." He smiled sheepishly.

I blushed and he held the car door open for me once more.

He got into his side of the car and a put on his seatbelt.

"As Liam says SAFTEY FIRST!" He said.

I giggled like a schoolgirl. 

"Put this on." He said holding up a blind fold with "I love carrots" on the front of it.

"Umm may I ask why-" he cut me off

"Don't ask! Just put it on." He said.

"Yes sir!" I said holding my hand up to my forehead.

I did as I was told and put the blind fold on. 

Moments later we stopped the moving car.  Louis ran around the car and guided me out of the car.

He walked me down a hill and let go. I could hear the wind and birds chirping.

"Now take it off." He whispered.

I slowly released my blind fold to find the ocean and horizon setting.

I looked around me and saw a picnic with a picnic basket in the middle of a blanket.

I walked over to it and sat down with Louis walking behind me.

"I love it, it's beautiful!" I exclaimed.

"Just like you." Louis said.

I starting blushing. Wait why was I blushing? I didn't even like this kid. Or did I? 

"Jade, I want you to know that ever since I saw you at the concert, I wanted you to be mine." He said softly.

I smiled and I couldn't believe my ears. Out of all those girls at that concert, which there were ALOT, he wanted ME to be his. 

"Jade and I want to ask you something?" He said.

I nodded agreeing to him asking me something.

"Will you be my carrot queen?" He said with so much serious in his voice.

I starting laughing like crazy. And i nooded my head. I hugged him tightly. 

He broke the hug and kissed me gently on the lips. 

And there it was... I jade, was now Louis new carrot queen. 



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