Just A Dream

Everything feels like a dream. I have the perfect boyfriend. I have a great job. And the best friends a girl can ask for. But soon things start to go wrong. I get into a huge fight with my boyfriend, I get fired from my job, and all of my friends are against me. What will I do? Read to find out!


1. Perfect Life




                                                                                         Perfect Life




    "One carmel iced coffe please." I asked with a smile on my face. You might be wondering, why am I so happy? My life is perfect. I have the best boyfriend, an amazing job, and the best friends ever.


    I  picked up my coffee and sat down at a table. Suddenly I felt someone behind me. I quickly turned around to see my boyfriend, Harry, standing there. I shot up and hugged him. "Come on, sit down." I told him. He sat down across from me.


   "I thought you had work today,"He told me, sounding confused.


    "Nope. I have the week off." I told him. It's monday so I won't be back to work untill next Monday.


    "Oh, okay. That's good." He smiled at me.


    "Do you have anything planned... For today?" I asked.


    "No, why?" He asked.


    "Oh, no nothing, I was just wondering." I told him. I took a sip of my iced coffee and checked my IPhone. I had nineteen text messages from my boss. I opened my phone and read them. They all said things like 'You need to come in today! It's important!' or 'Get over here right now!'. I grabbed my bag and started getting up.


    "Where are you going?" Harry asked me curiously.


    "I have to go into work." I told him.


    "I thought you didn't have to go in today,"He said.


    "Isabel said it's important." I told him apoligetically.


    "Oh, okay. I'll see you later."He said. I smiled and walked out to my black Ferari. I drove to my job as an editor for 'Entetainment' magazine. I know it's for teens but I don't mind.


    I turned up the music and changed the channel. I decided to listen to 'Chloe' by Emblem3. I sang along as I drove along the busy streets of London.





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