I'm Waiting...

Lily Hastings has always been that pretty face. She's gorgeous, but no one thinks of her more then that. Lily's parents are divorced, so she lives with her sister Madison Hastings. Her life is like a record on replay, just the pretty girl who sits in the back. But, will she finally find someone who thinks of her more then just a beautiful body?


1. This Is Me.

Hi. I'm Lily. Lily Hastings. I'm just that pretty girl you pass in the hallways. The most likely to be a model. I am a model. No one thinks I'm anything other then my beauty. It doesn't define me. It doesn't define you. I'm definitely the most popular girl in the school, yet I don't have friends. I don't tell anyone my secrets. They don't trust me, they think I'm going to turn into a snotty brat who this they're the best person alive. That isn't me. It never will be. 


My hair? It's dark brown. It's also my favorite feature. I have deep brown eyes too I'm skinny, but I have curves. I have great cheekbones. Well, at least that's what everyone says. I don't wear a ton of makeup. I dress expensively. But, that's just because both my parents and my sister are giving me money. My sister? Madison Hastings. The nerd in our family. I don't mean I be um mean but... Seriously! Someone needs to introduce her to makeup and Rue 21. She's married to this huge director. He's apparently extremely rich. That WOULD explain the mansion she lives in. But, he isn't home very much, so I don't really know him. My parents? Well they divorced when I was 13. I'm 18 now.  My mom is this huge athlete and competed in the Olympics. I love my mom, but I don't tell her everything like I do my dad. My dad is an engineer. He lives in this tiny apartment, but I love hanging out with him. I feel like he understands me. My mom believes beauty is everything, but my dad supports me on my opinion. Do you want to know more? Well... I go to Northern Coast Academy.  Or NCA as we call it. It's like PCA, from Zoey 101, except we don't live there. My best friend is Mackenna. She's gorgeous too and is very very stubborn in what she believes in. 


I have to go... My sister is attempting to make eggs without burning the house down... 


Lily 💘

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