Finally Here

Kait is just a good girl, straight A's, she plays sports, and has her own little circle of friends. Life is good in her small town, until her dad, a man who manages One Direction's money, asks her to complete a favor. The favor seems easy enough until she finds herself caught up in something she never expected to happen. Can she ever look at One Direction the same again? What will she uncover? And, will she ever be the same again?


3. Cars and Conversations

We all walked out of the parking lot, as the sun was being eaten by a monster grey cloud. The air is warm, and the humidity just make the air feel thicker, making it harder to breathe. Ugh, these were the worst days. "Wait." Harry stopped in the middle of the parking lot. It didn't matter, no cars were driving here anyway. "Did anyone actually drive here, because we kind of need a--" Harry was cutoff midsentence, because of Madi. "Car!" Madi shouted, as she ran over to my car with her scraggly, flailing legs. "How does she know so much more than me, but she barely thinks? It's not quite fair," Harry pouted. "Well, that's just Madi. One time when we took a quiz she had no idea how to do it, so I told her how almost five seconds before the test was handed out. Then she just winged it and got the only 100 in the class. That was the first time Madi had ever beaten me in school; and I gave her the answer!" I replied, trying to make conversation with Harry. "Why are you friends with her again?" Harry joked, he flashed me a smirk. His salmon colored lips spreading across his face, peeling out like a banana at the end to reveal his perfectly aligned teeth. One of his dimples was popping out of this side, making his face become a more complete version of hotness overload. I felt like my stomach was being tickled by every feeling I felt for Harry, an this feeling sent chills throughout my body. I felt myself begin to bite my lip as I stared at him smiling at me. He chuckled and began to smile at the ground. Once he looked back up, he was still staring at me; i thought he looked away because he thought I was wierd. But, this smile gave me confidence that he thought I was cute. I smiled at him and looked away, looking forward, just as I had been before. Once we all managed to squeeze into the car; with Liam driving, Maeve shot gun, Madi and Niall in the back, and Harry and I in the middle, we shut all the doors and prepared to leave. But, when we were all buckling seat lets I couldn't seem to find mine. "Ready to go?!" Liam asked in a peppy tone as he peeked over his shoulder at us. "Uhh, actually, I can't find my seatbelt," I replied. I heard a click next to me, and the a seatbelt retract itself back into its dangling position. Harry got up from his chair, and ducked his head as he walked over to me. He leaned over my seat in front of me, I could smell his cologne. I hated the smell of axe because it was all my brother wore, but this was not axe. It was a much more rich scent, probubly because it cost a lot , considering he was a world- wide popstar. Harry reached over me an opened up the car door. "I think you shut the door on your seatbelt," Harry explained as he grabbed the seatbelt and shut the car door again. He took the seatbelt and stretched it over my body, his face to mine. His curls brished against my forehead, tickling me. His eyes were staring straight into mine. Their color was perfect; jade colored circles rimmed the jumble of all different shades of green clouds. he gad speckles of brown and pool among his sea of green, and i jut couldn't handle how perfect his eyes were. His minty breath tickled my nose as he flashed me a smile. I could feel my heart beat a thousand miles a minute because of the distance between us. I could feel the warmth from his body blanket my body, sending goosebumps to form all over my body. I never wanted him to leave, but once he clicked my seatbelt in he left his position and buckled back into his seat. I just sat there, speechless. I had no idea how amazing it was for Harry Styles to be that close to you, and I just wanted him to be there once more. "Okay... looks like we are ready to roll," Liam cheered, "oh, and Kait, could I have the keys?" Liam questioned, laughing a little bit. "Oh! Right," I reached into my pocket and removed the keys as they jingled in my hand. I handed them over to Liam as he spoke, "Thank you, and off we go!" Liam stated as he started the car and reversed out of the warehouse's parking lot. The car ride over to my house started out boring. Maeve gave the address to my house, and entered into hi iPhone. Madi and Niall were just chatting in the back; giggling every once in a while. And there I was. Sitting alone, Harry staring out the window listening to his music, as I was as well. I was bored out of my mind. But then it all changed. My phone buzzed, causing me to jump because of how concentrated I was listening to my music. It was from Maeve. Well you don't look bored ;) Omg Maeve. Of course I'm bored he won't even talk to me... Lol Kait. R u kidding me... he was like about to kiss u! I guess... I hope he does it aga-- I felt a large hand envelope my petite one. It was Harry, and might I say, his hands were soft. "Who are you texting?" Harry asked curiously. He tried to release my grip from my phone. "No one..." I replied, struggling to take hold of my phone. "Oh yeah? It doesn't look like no one to me. Let me see!" He begged like a child. "Harry." I stated in a tone similar to a mother trying to discipline her child,"let go of the phone. It's mine," "Fine. I'll let go," he sighed, "after this!" He exclaimed. He tried to unlock my phone, his fingers moving all over all of the numbers, trying to unlock my phone. Once he was done with his fun, he handed it over to me, "here you go," he smirked. I looked down at the home screen, and realised he had locked my phone for fifteen minutes. "Really Harry?" I questioned a little annoyed about the situation. "Looks like we're just going to have to talk now," he stated deviously, "my phone died," he showed my his iPhone with a black screen, it really was dead. I was still a little mad at him, so he was going to pay. "Oh really? I don't have to talk," I replied in a matter-of-fact tone. I turned away from Harry and stared out the window, giggling silently to myself. "Awww c'mon I'm borrred," Harry complained. I continued to stare out the window, attempting to ignore him. "Please," Harry begged, as he nudged me in the shoulder, and I began to laugh even harder, "you're laughing," Harry realised and stated. "No," I said, trying to be serious, but some of my laughter could be heard. "You little faker," Harry chuckled as he poked my shoulder. I looked toward him as our eye sight met, yet again. I could barely even pay attention to him, but I was trying my hardest, so I kept the conversation going. "Well you deserve the silent treatment, I still have to wait," I checked my phone to see how long I had left, "I still have to wait nine minutes because of you!" I complained. "Well, back in time, they didn't have these things," he took the phone from my hand, "they just talked," Harry explained. "You're only saying that because your phone died," I said with a bit of attitude. "No I'm not! I'm really hurt Kait" he rebutted but I fought back. "Are too" "Am not" Yep, you are" "No I am not" "Yes!" "No!" "Guys! " Maeve shouted as we both turned toward her, "give me your phones," she demanded. Harry took my phone and his out of the pocket on the chair in front of him and handed them to Maeve with a grin on his face. "I win!" He exclaims, "now there's nothing to fight about, and we can talk," Harry said with a grin from cheek to cheek, or dimple to dimple. "Okay, fine. What do you want to talk about?" I asked him. "Hmmm, now that I have the whole car's attention, how did you three meet?" "Me and Kait met in first grade because we were both obsessed with horses," Madi explained. "You were obsessed with horses?" Niall questioned as he chuckled. "Shut up, like you didn't have a weird obsession when you were younger," Madi stated. "Sorry... Someone's a little moody..." Niall joked, as Madi hit him in the arm. They were so funny together. "What about you and Maeve?" Liam wondered. He seemed pretty curious about Maeve to me... "We met when we had this really strict and annoying teacher in 5th grade," Maeve laughed. "We'll that's not very nice to say," Harry said, sympathising for our old teacher. "No she really was, she made Maeve stand for 20 minutes because she was sitting on her legs," I explained. "Like you know what's nice or not," Harry teased. "What are you talking about? At least I didn't lock someone's phone for fifteen minutes!" I exclaimed. "I was just joking little miss pushy," Harry joked, as he smirked at me. I felt the car swerve left, and my large yellow house was now in front of the car. Liam turned off the engine, and talked to us, "okay, this is it. It looks like it getting dark, is it okay if we stay over here?" Liam questioned in a gentleman- like tone. "Yeah my dad doesn't care because he's almost never home," I explained, "and my mom's always with him." "Do we have enough room for all of us though?" Liam asked, a bit worried. "I'm pretty sure we have enough beds or couches to sleep on," I said as I thought about all the places people could sleep, realising we may need to share rooms. "I think we can all squeeze, but I'm not sharing a room with little miss mean girl," Harry kidded, as he poked my arm. "Good, because I didn't want to sleep in the same room with you either," I joked. "Let's jut go inside, and try to figure things out in there," Maeve responded, a little agitated. "Well, we have to make sure Madi can duck down enough so she doesn't get stuck in the back,"Niall giggled. "You're taller than me! And I've been in this car many times, thank you very much," Madi defended her height, it was really adorable seeing her and Niall together.
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