An epic journey to find the hidden crystals So join Zed and his girlfriend Alice to find the hidden crystal!


1. The Dark Crystal

The footsteps of the leader crunched through the gravely ground of the pathway down to the dark crystal. The meandering pathways made the gem hard to track down with all of the splitting paths. His eyes glowed with excitement with the rest of the gang staring around. Their expressions seemed blank and boring. Down in the distance a faint purple glow spread across the walls, " This way!" The leader pointed to the glow, " I can smell it!"  The leader had a sense of adventure and was always ready to take on a challenge. The gang turned round a corner into a different pathway as the glow grew brighter with every step.


Electricity  suddenly burst through the gang's bodies as their eyes dazzled with interest, they soon came towards an end with the gem hidden in the corner. It sparkled like a star in the cave with electricity surging through it, "There it is!" The leader said, "What a beauty!" The leader had a deep and strong Scottish accent that boomed and echoed through the cave. The crystal was only a few meters away! The leader took the first few steps as the gem pulsated wildly persuading the leader to come closer. In the blink of an eye the leader became weaker and sleepier with his pupils spinning round an a round. He started dribbling purple liquid, his skin became all furry and he grew larger and larger until he was 10 meters tall! "What should we do now?" One member asked nervously,




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