My Crazy, Weird, Boring, Normal, Annoying Life...

Hi!! So this is just My Crazy,Weird, Boring, Normal, Annoying Life. And it is just that. This is my life. So it gets a little crazy, weird, boring, normal, and annoying sometimes. Prepare the be entertained....bored out of your mind...then weirded out.... :)

This is me......


1. I was born....:)

Hey guys so I am Kaitlyn and this is my crazy, weird, boring, normal, annoying life right from the start and then to the present! Have fun reading....


I was born....


It was July 15, 2000 when the one and only crazy, weird, boring, normal, annoying Kaitlyn was born. She was very small. Her mothers name was Kathleen and her fathers name was Scott. She was premature so she had to stay in the hospital for a little bit before they could take her home. She has two older brothers their names are, Karl and Tyler. She also has an older sister and her name is Mackenzie. Her mother and father were not married when they had Kaitlyn.... 

SO HERE WE GO.... :)

About Kaitlyn.... hehehe


Favorite color: Green/Blue

Favorite food: hmmm EVERYTHING

Best Friends: Sam, Nikki, and Bethi(Mary)

Random Facts: She wears glasses, alergic to bees, B-/C+ average, blond hair, blue eyes, LOVES FASHION, wears makeup (Not like tons of makeup..I'll explain later), wears eye liner and maskara....did I spell that right...who cares! So this is me and from now on I will be talking about myself in the first person instead of third! Yaayyy!!! Go to the next page :) :) :) =P oh oh oh and she LOVES ONE DIRECTION...(Just lettin you know) :)

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