One Direction Prefrencess

Just some ideas that I sometimes make up.


1. How you met



You met at a bar. Your sitting at your table watching the show. "Is this seat taken?" A blond boy askes. "No take it" He smiles you think he is cute. You wanted to know a bit about him and he wanted to know a bit about you. "So what's your name?" He takes a sip of his beer "Well I'm [Y/N] and I'm from [Y/C] Tell me, What's your name and what do you like to do?" You slouch back into your seat listening to the blond Irish boy. "I'm Niall I like to Eat, Sleep and Sing" He puts your hand out to shake. You shake hands. You start to know each other better at the end of the night your best friends. "So [Y/N] why don't we go out for a date sometime?" You blush "Sounds good!' You stay there until about 3:03 You are Drunk and didn't have a ride home. Someone taps your back "Want me to take you home?" "Yeeeeeees PLeasssee!" You slur. He drops you off and you go there the next night to find Niall back at the pub.





You met at the movies. "WOAH THAT WAS EXTREME!" A tall London boy points out. "Ssssh!" everyone says. You sit next to him. "Hi! I'm [Y/N] I totally agree with you there the blood looks so realistic." he looks at you "Haha, I'm Louis, But call me Lou, Want to share?" He says holding out popcorn. "Sure! Thanks!" you continue to watch. You know there is a scary part coming up so you cuddle into Louis. "Woah there Tiger! We just meet!" he chuckles "Oh sorry, I just know there is a scary bit coming" he wraps his arms around you. "Movie spoiler but don't worry I got you!" The scary bit was coming up so you burry yourself in Louis chest. He rubs your back. "HOLY SHhhhhouting Llamas" you just cant help but laugh. The movie finishes. "Here's my number call me sometime?" "Yeah, Your a funny guy! well Cya!" You called him the same night and talked all the way trough the morning!





You met at a Beauty store. You were trying to find a blow dryer because it blew up this morning. "Straighteners, Makeup urmm HAIR DYERS!" You try and try the best one. Someone bumps into you. "I'm so, so, sorry!" A cute guy with black hair apologizes. "Don't worry. I'm happy its not me for once" You grab the one you want off the shelf. "Haha, I was gonna get that!" He grabs the same one as you. "Sooo, Whats your name love?" you blush "I'm [Y/N] whats yours?" he grabs something else. "I'm Zayn.... You have a very pretty name" You blush harder. "Haha, Thanks" You pay for your stuff and so does he. "So?Cya around!" "Yeah Cya!" The next day he bumps into you again and you guys cant help but to have a good laugh.




You met at Disney Land. "Thanks!" You wave goodbye to the Mickey Mouse mascot and look at the pics you just took! "Oh no!" A cute lad kneels down to see that his Phone is shattered. You walk up to him "Hello!" "Oh, hello! He looks up at you but just looks back down. "If you want we can share my camera! I'll send the pics to you!" He smiles happily "Why thank you Umm..." "[Y/N] Lets go on some rides! I've always wanted to go on that massive coster over there!" You point. "I've always been a wimp and never gone on it but I'll give it a shot LETS GO!" After ride. "Hey you never told me your name." He gives you back the camera. "Liam Payne!" He holds your hand. You blush. You and Liam start to have more fun on whatever ride you go on or who you meet.




You met at School. "Okay class, This is are new student Harry." Are teacher nags. "Hi Harry!" everyone says. He sits next to you and hands you a note reading: Hey pretty lady ;). You write back: Wow, One of the hots? "[Y/N!] ARE YOU PASSING NOTES?!" Mrs Limas Yells at you. "No Ma'am just writing down notes for the lesson!" she gives you a glare and you role your eyes when she turns around. You get the note back.: Wanna' talk at lunch I have no one to hang out with so.... You play hard to get when ever there is a newbie so you write: Ohkay Baby, Meet at the tree near Bru building I'll be waiting ;) You pass it back and see him blush. : Don't make me horny. the note says. You just write LOL then he starts flirting with you.

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