Ten Pink Balloons and One Dream

*This is for the Spring Picture Prompt Competition* :)

After a reoccurring dream becomes real life, will Amelia be able to find the one meant for her, or will she be lead astray?


1. Running To Him

There it was again. The feel of the soft, green blades of grass brushing against my bare legs as I ran through the sloping fields. The bright sun beat down on me, burning into my skin, leaving it red and flaky. The smell of the brine from the ocean reached my nose, the salt stinging my sensitive skin, and, mixed with the sweet smell of thousands of daisies scattered throughout the grass, made for an unusual, yet also rather pleasant scent.

I looked up at the bright sky, remembering what I was running for. Ten pink balloons. I didn’t know why I was following them. I just knew that I couldn’t stop.  Ten pink balloons, floating through the perfect sky, weaving through the clouds as they went. They all stayed together in a bunch, creating an array of pink that contrasted nicely against the endless blue sky, their shiny strings swaying in the breeze.

My short, navy dress flapped in the wind as I ran, creating a rather impractical outfit, and my blonde hair fanned out behind me. I didn’t know why I was wearing red high heels, but when I looked down, they were there, the thick heels scraping along the ground as I increased my speed.

I pushed my bangs out of my eyes with sweaty hands and looked up at the darkening sky, squinting as my eyes came into contact with the glowing sun. Only the strings of the balloons were visible, the pink ovals of air not able to be seen as they drifted behind a cloud that had once looked soft and fluffy, but now looked suspiciously like a rain cloud.

I glowered at it, silently begging it not to deliver a downpour, or at least hold off until I found shelter, wherever that may be. It was like the cloud had sensed my objection to it raining, but had decided to do it anyway, because the soft patter of raindrops dripping their way down to earth could be heard as I began to run even faster, desperate to escape the icy droplets.

I looked up at the sky, or you could more accurately describe it as glaring, and instantly regretted it as the raindrops battered my face.

One minute the balloons were there, the next they were gone. I watched as the stretchy pink plastic of the balloons got absolutely battered by the drops of rain. The balloons popped as soon as the water came into contact with them, like the raindrops were as sharp as razor blades, not just the harmless little splats of fresh water that they were.

As soon as the balloons disappeared, the urge to keep running was no longer burning inside me. Instead, there was a burning feeling of accomplishment deep in my stomach. Like I had actually achieved something by following a bunch of pink balloons in the rain. I came to a halt, my wet clothes sticking to my freezing body. No sooner had I stopped running when the rain suddenly faltered and disappeared, leaving a beautiful arch of colours in the sky. A rainbow.

I looked around for the first time, observing my surroundings. The unmistakable elements of a small town greeted me. This town looked familiar somehow. I didn’t know why...

The dream. Of course! It was the reoccurring dream I had been having for the last who knows how many months. Every night I’d had the exact same dream. Running through the fields. Following ten pink balloons. And there was a boy. A boy waiting for me.

My head was spinning as I tried to make sense of this. The dream I had been having for months was now coming true. And the dream was leading me to an unknown, yet also familiar boy. Seemed legitimate. I chuckled, wondering if this was real life.

I walked around for a while, trying to find this boy that I’d been dreaming about. This town was filled with the usual; a petrol station, a corner store, a small park and rows and rows of small brick houses. Nothing much exciting, but if I were to look through all of these places in an attempt to find an un named boy who I wasn’t even sure existed, it would still take me a couple of hours.

I cleared my head and closed my eyes, pushing all other thoughts from my head and concentrating intensely, trying to remember back to my dreams. I vaguely recalled that this boy was sitting on the footpath somewhere, surrounded by trees, holding a bunch of.... wait for it!... Pink balloons! Ten pink balloons, actually. Or, in my dreams he had been. But, I figured that everything that had happened today had precisely mirrored what had happened in my dream, so the chances of me finding the boy, sitting on the footpath with a bunch of pink balloons, surrounded by trees, was reasonably high.

There were only a few trees in the entire town, all bunched together in a large cluster, not too far from me, so I decided to try my luck. What’s the worst that could happen? He won’t be there?

I headed toward the trees, and before too long, I could see a few blobs of pink shining through the trees. My heart thumped. Was it really going to be this easy?

Sure enough, there he was, holding a bunch of balloons, just like in my dream. Also like in my dreams, he was wearing jeans and black converse.

I ran to him, and he ran to me. I smashed my lips against his, holding his body close. The feeling I was getting was electrifying. It was like I had finally found the person I had been waiting for all my life. The only person worth living for.

“I’ve been waiting for you” He whispered in my ear, stroking my hair.

“Me too” I grinned.

One thing’s for sure; I would always be eternally grateful to those ten pink balloons!


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