Our Story :) <3

Jacelynn’s POV

It all started when I let ex-boyfriend Jason talk me into speaking into a private beach party for “good surfing”. I spent the morning getting myself ready .I wasn’t aiming to get Jason back but he invited some of his way to cute friends and some of the girls. “Where is that stupid swim top?” I muttered under my breath digging through my closet was not fun, or easy for that matter. “Whoa, Jace, what the heck?” Sawyer yelled as she walked through my bedroom door. Sawyer is my best friend and she is gorgeous. She has choppy sandy blonde hair and she thin and sweetly shy, sometimes. All the boys loved her crystal blue eyes ad tan skin. My name is Jacelynn Barracks and compared to perfect Sawyer I’m just plain. I mean I won’t lie, I know I’m not ugly and I do love something’s about my appearance, like my long brown hair that was slightly sun bleached or my green eyes. I was almost as tan as Sawyer but not quite as thin. I had a fuller figure.



Sawyer’s POV


Jace and I have been and always will be best friends forever. I love her to death but I do hate 1 thing it’s how insecure she is! “Oh my gosh! Jacelynn you look gorgeous! And, besides it’s not like you want to get back with Jason!” She and Jason had a really bad breakup on the last day of school; Jace didn’t like anyone to even talk about it. She had been so strong and confident. Jason really broke her down. Now she’s insecure and closed, she has a hard time opening up to people. I was trying to give her a pep-talk before Jason came by to pick us up, when I got a text from Brinley.

 [Hey gurl ima have to cancl on tonite, but if yall still go call me as soon as you get to the beach]

 I rolled my eyes. Of course we would still go! Brinley was a bit annoying sometimes and she always thought the world centered on her. “What?” Jacelynn asked reaching for my phone. “Brinley cancelled.” I said tossing her my phone; she smiled as she read the text. “Is it bad that I’m ok with that?” she asked looking guilty. “No,” I laughed. “I’m way happy” Jace smiled “I mean I love Brin but, seriously, I’m so not in the mood!” Ha we both laughed and sat on the couch. We were half way through Psych when Jason showed up. Jason walked into the family room followed by Caleb, Bella, Jane, Aaron, Jacks, and Kim. “You guys ready?” Bella asked sitting practically on top of me and Jacelynn. “Ha-ha yes, Bella get the heck off!” Jace laughed pushing her onto the floor. “Did y’all hear Brin cancelled?” Jason asked. But before we could answer the front door opened again, and around the corner came “BLAKE!!” I screamed jumping off the couch and into his arms. He’s a lot taller than I am so he held me and my feet dangled off the ground. “Hey Sawyer,” he laughed and kissed my hair. Blake is my boyfriend; well not really, it’s not official, YET! But it will be! Soon, I hope. “Sorry I was late,” he laughed setting me down. “No problem dude” Jason laughed and Blake set me down. “We can go now! If we’re not waiting for anyone else,” Blake said ruffling Jace’s hair. “You want to ride with me?” He asked looking up at me. “Absolutely” I replied not taking my eyes off him. “Ok then I guess you can ride with me!” Jason said looking to Jacelynn “What?” she asked looking to me desperately. Where she had no plans getting back with Jason, Jason was desperately trying to get back with her. I didn't know what to do; I couldn't just leave her but, Blake… Jace was a big girl and she knew how important this was to me. I looked at her pleadingly. She rolled her eyes and said “Oh right yea, I’ll go with Jason.” She was amazing!!! I was going to owe her big time. 

Jacelynn’s POV


Oh Sawyer owes me HUGE! I held my hand up to Jason “Yo, Doorbell! Help me up.” I sighed trying to be happy. He laughed and reached down for my hand. When our hands touched I didn't get that nervous butterfly feeling I used to always get when Jason touched me. He helped me up and we headed for the car. “You look nice Jace,” He said as we walked down the drive way. My house is what my mother calls her modern castle.


My dad’s an entrepreneur so we’re not exactly your average family. ANYWAY, as we walked down the driveway Bella ran up and linked arms with me, and really the drive to the beach wasn't that bad. Jason and I just talked like we used to, maybe, just maybe we can be friends.

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