Our Story :) <3

Jacelynn’s POV

It all started when I let ex-boyfriend Jason talk me into speaking into a private beach party for “good surfing”. I spent the morning getting myself ready .I wasn’t aiming to get Jason back but he invited some of his way to cute friends and some of the girls. “Where is that stupid swim top?” I muttered under my breath digging through my closet was not fun, or easy for that matter. “Whoa, Jace, what the heck?” Sawyer yelled as she walked through my bedroom door. Sawyer is my best friend and she is gorgeous. She has choppy sandy blonde hair and she thin and sweetly shy, sometimes. All the boys loved her crystal blue eyes ad tan skin. My name is Jacelynn Barracks and compared to perfect Sawyer I’m just plain. I mean I won’t lie, I know I’m not ugly and I do love something’s about my appearance, like my long brown hair that was slightly sun bleached or my green eyes. I was almost as tan as Sawyer but not quite as thin. I had a fuller figure.

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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