finding the way

a youg girl trying to find her way thoug life when she bumps in to someone on the way..... liam


1. out the door


      alexis`s pov



    "Alexis! get down here right now" my dad said.

    " Coming! am i in trouble" oh man i really hope he didnt fing out about last friday. worst mistake EVER! it was my birthday and i went out with my freinds,

             ~~~~~flash back~~~~~~

   ring ring ring ! " hello who is this?"

 " is this alexis mcnutt" the radio station said even though i didnt know it was yet

   " she is speaking, serieslly who is this?" i said getting kind freaked out.

  " this is 22 mf radio station" whoo i thought now im not so freaked " im calling about your entry in the one direction contest. you have won 2 back stage passes and 2 tickets to a one direction consert next saterday in salt lake city utah

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