My School Won?

Hey Im Jaclyn Hayes! Yesh Hunter Hayes sister! I goto lincoln Jr high school! im 15 ! im popular...Love singin dancing and sports! soo on to the story! one dy a girl get a singing part for the school wil she win it or lose? Well all her dreams come true! READ TO SEEE


1. Chapter 1

Hey guys I'm Jaclyn Hayes! Yesh Hunter hayes the country singer Sister!(: I goto LJHS. I'm 15! In the 9th grade. I'm 5'0 ,Greenish-blueish eyes,brown hair blond highlights,Im a cheerleader. Im not fat nor skinny im Med. Size. Im really Popular at my school! Im in love with ONE DIRECTION!! I really want to meet them and be really greatfriends!

~1st Period!~

"Good Moring Lincoln Jr.High School!?" the prinipal said on the annocments

"I have some goo news for all Y'all" he added

I Looked at one of my Best friend Alexis and we both giggled he had the most country accent ever! and we wwnt back to listening!

"This Is For 9th Graders only,you guys well make a video for the school for the page and enete in a contest! If we when we get to Meet one direction and Etc.! I will be drawing the winner to sing in the contest video!" he said

My eyes lighted up i was about to cry, when he said if we win we get to  meeet onedirection! I saw Alexis in tears she finally gets the chance to met Louis Tomlinson!

"OMG thats so cool I hope they pick you Jaclyn! Your a really good singer and you won the talent show 3 years in a row!" Alexis Says hugging me

"Ya I hope!" i said laughing

"Mrs Hayes and Mrs Smith!" said mrs Johnson

"Share with the class that was so important and interruppted my lesson!" she said

Wewalked up infront of the class an evryone was looking at us and Alexis began to talk.

"I said i hope that they pick her for the conest to sing in the video?" Alexis said

"Awe I hope to!" my Boyfriend Eiland said and started to blush and sat back down and the bell rang for 2nd period hate tha class!

~2nd Period!~

I walked in to the most hated class ever! I had  bully in there! funny thing is that he JUST messes me! I tried to get to my sit but he blocked i was so pissed!

"Where you think your going princess!"my bullyKoby said as his sidekicks Daniel and shane luaghed i just looked at them!

"To my seat, SO MOVE!" I yelled trying to push him out my way and he smashed me against the wall and it really hurt like hell!

"Did you really wanted to do that!" saying it in my ear kissing down my neck!

"Get the FUCK off of me!" i said spitting on imandran out of the class room.I could hear him coming after me!

Then I saw Eiland my jock Plays all sports boyfriend. Then I Jumped into his arms and h cought me!

"jaclyn whats wrong?" he said kissing my head!

"K-K-Koby!" i said inbetween tears

"Thats is im Done with this asshole messing with you!" he said putting me down

"Eliand its not going to help to fight him it 3 against 1!" i said grabing arm

"I have Evan and Ryan!" he said running getting into koby face ad evan getting into shane and Ryan daniel face!


"Stop Messing With my Girlfriend Koby!" i yelled at him

"Dude i can to what the hell i want to!" he said grabbing jaclyn and touching her and kissing her and she was trying to push him off she was to weak and scard!

"STOPYOU BITCH!" i yelled punching him in the face and 3 fight just broken down!


They were fighting i tried to get eiland off him and i get hit in the face i saw the prinipals breaking up the fights and i saw blood on me and fainted!


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