Words will be just words ~Niall Horan~

Everybody wants happiness,nobody wants rain.But you cant have a rainbow,without a little rain.<3


1. Starbuck's

  *Writers note*

  Hey guys!:) I decided to delete the first chapter cause it was really bad and I just wasnt happy with it!:) Hope you all enjoy this chapter!:)

     -Georgia xox


(Tori's POV)

     *BEEP BEEP* My alarm went off.Why did my dreams always end at the best part and more importantly why does morning come so quickly?I hit the snooze button on my alarm which read 7:00am and hopped out of the bed.I grabbed a towel and walked into the bathroom.I stripped out of my pajamas and hopped into the shower.I hit the power button and the hot water instantly hit my skin.I washed myself and my hair and dragged myself out of the hot shower and into my cold bathroom.I quickly wrapped my towel around me and dried myself off.I slipped into a pair of sweats and a tank top and dried my hair until it was bone dry.I quickly applied some foundation,mascara,blush and some nude lip gloss.When I was satisfied with how I looked I walked over to my wardrobe to decide on my outfit.I settled on a pair shorts and a tank top http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=80073365 since it was quite warm out.I through on a beanie and sunglasses with a few other accessories.I left my light pink curly/wavy hair down naturally.I ran downstairs and grabbed my phone and my shoes before running out the door.CRAP,its 8am and work starts at 8:30.I hopped into my car and made my way to my job at Starbucks. I hopped out of the car and checked my phone.8:29am,yeahh buddyy made it just on time. I walked into the coffee shop and was greeted by my boss. "Ah Tori,finally your here." She smiled at me. "Why is it so busy in here?" I asked confused since it was usually empty. She just shrugged and walked off. I slipped on my green work apron and got behind the counter. "Hi,welcome to Starbucks,what can I get you?" I asked and smiled. I analyzed the boy in front of me.He had blond hair in a messy quiff with a snapback on top.He wore dark sunglasses and a tank top.He was gorgeous.He smiled back and replied "5 caramel frappacinos please". I quickly nodded and made his drinks and came back."That will be £15 please".He reached into his pocket and took out £20,he handed it to me.I handed him his £5 and as I did he slid a piece of paper into my hand.I went bright red and he just laughed and said bye.

(Niall's POV)

      I was patiently waiting in the que in Starbucks because the lads had asked me to get them frappacinos because they were lazy shits.A girl around my age came behind the counter.She was beautiful.She had light pink wavyish/curlyish hair that went past her shoulders.She had hazel colored eyes.She was just stunning.She took my order and as she went to get my drinks I quickly wrote my number on a piece of paper and a quick message under it.When she came back I handed her £20 and as she gave me my change I slipped the note into her hand.She went bright red,I smirked to myself and said my goodbyes and walked back to me and the lads flat with the biggest smile on my face.

      I opened the door and called the rest of the lads down.Louis,Zayn,Harry and Liam all rushed down the stairs but stopped when they saw the big grin on my face."Why are you so happy Nialler?" Liam asked curiously."No reason" I replied and my smile got wider if that was even possible.They all just stared at me until Louis screamed "NIALL MET A GIRL" all the guys started grinning as I went the darkest shade of red you can imagine."Shut up" I mumbled and placed the drinks down on the table."Gowan,tell us about her mate" Zayn said and he seemed pretty interested."Well,she served me in Starbucks.She had light pink hair that went a bit past her shoulders and she had hazel eyes.She was stunning" I finished. They all just stared at me with their eyes wide open."What?" I asked,afraid I did something wrong."Mate,I think you found your princess,the way you talk about her and you get this look in your eyes." Harry said.Just then my phone beeped.I got a text from an unknown number. 

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