Apple sauce ice cream


1. The discovery

Dear diary

I was eating in the homeless shelters cafateria sitting next to Peeta (as usual). I love the food there well it's not very nice but it's still nicer than eating garbage in my dumpster (old house). Anyway the roast beast was filling but tasted like a boiled eraser but who am I to be picky,however I always looked forward to roast beef night because of the apple sauce they have is to die for. unfortunatley they only give us apple sauce they don't give us apple sauce pudding or apple sauce ice cream. ICE CREAM that remindes me we have ice cream for pudding unlike the roast beef the ice cream is actually bareable to eat which is reasurring,anyway maybe Lara (the owner of the homeless shelter) will suprise me and peeta by giving us some. I have never been able to afford apple sauce ice cream let alone apple sauce itself. When the ice cream did come my heart dropped it was only stupid rasberry riple ice cream I was still hungry so i still eat it the ice cream melts on my tounge but it's delicousness(if thats even a word) dosn't make up for anger that was growing inside of me.After dinner my rage caused me and a now convinced peeta to walk down spectrum street to laras house and question her until she will eventually buy us some. I knock on the splinterless door and listen to the footsteps approaching the door."hello George hello Pe-"her happy expression turns upside down as she tries to read our faces. "whats the matter she says"      " I WANT MY APPLE SAUCE ICE CREAM " I scream "but but but Knowbody has even invented it yet (quiverring)" "well says peeta it's about time someone did i say and slam the door in front of me and lara who looks like she has just seen a ghost.

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