Be My Superman?

All alone in the dark woods,I was running away,from my past.My past is dark and I am only 19.No one know what has happened in my life and I'm never at the same place for long for someone to hear my story.I guess I'll be running for the rest of my life and nothing can stop me.At least that is what I thought.


1. Meeting Shay

   Hi My name is Shay,and for the past five years I've been running away from my life's past.every year i go to a different place.This year I'm settling in a place called Doncaster England.I live in a small apartment  by myself.But enough of where i live I'll tell you about me. I'm 5'8,I have red eyes,and I'm not such a girly girl.I usually wear a band t-shirt,skinny jeans,and mt only pair of converse that are neon green.My favorite color is green and my favorite food is spaghetti. I'm From New York and im 18.The only reason I'm running is because if I stay in one spot I'm afraid my past will catch up on me.People have told me not to worry about it because everything has been fixed,but I'm still going no matter what they say.If only someone could make me stop running and maybe,just maybe be my superman and save me from this black hole I've been living in....

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