Russian Love

Raisa Kang is a Russian Born half Korean with a dead father. One day when she was fourteen he was murdered right in front of her. Then suddenly she has to be unrooted from her homeland and everything she knows to go live with her mother in Los Angles, California in America. Now two years later she is in a deep depressing longing to to back to Russia. But that depression is put on hold when one girl befriends her and shows her what it means to live.


1. The Russian Love Runs Strong

Peering through the crack of the cabinet I saw two men with English accents come up to my father and mummer something in English, it sounded like, “He’s here.”  But I wasn’t sure. The two Englishmen pulled out guns that were concealed underneath their coat jackets.

They pulled out the guns to my father who has pressed against the wall of the house I had known all my life. His gray eyes filled with fear. The reflection of the fire in the fireplace danced in his eyes amplifying the terror that was held in his eyes.

“Please don’t!” My father cried. His pale face was drenched in sweat. He once had the composure of a cold tycoon, but now he was like a scared child. The Englishmen gave my father no chance to say anymore. They pulled the triggers on their guns and he was dead on the spot.

I watched this all. Tears streaming from my eyes making my eyesight blurry. I was able to see my dad’s now lifeless body crumple over into a small heap against the wall. I pressed my hands to my mouth suppressing the screams that were breaking free.

My father had told me to hide and never come out until it was safe. Until Anya came and got me, she was my dad’s assistant. She was a nice but cold lady. I knew that now that my father was dead she would be coming soon to ship me off to America to live with my mother. I knew this because I heard my father discussing it with Anya.

While I waited for someone to come and get me I fell asleep in the cabinet. All through the night I had nightmares of what had just happened. The sounds of guns echoed through my mind all night. The images of my dead father and the Englishmen who killed him.

When I finally woke my eyes felt crusted over with the haze of sleepiness. Outside of my cabinet I heard footsteps and the soft sounds of men talking. With my gray eyes I peered through the small crack in the doors. There I saw men in black suits that were clearing out the house. Removing the carpet, taking pictures off the walls, taking furniture out. Then I saw the feet of a woman, black leather boots that looked very familiar.

“Raisa, you here?” The soft voice of Anya called. I came out of the cabinet and looked up and saw the beautiful face of Anya. “I am here, Anya.” I cooed.

“Raisa, my love come now please we have to leave now. Your flight is leaving in a few hours.”

“Wait, what do you mean?” I asked confused in my native tongue, Russian.

“I will explain in the car, now child come with me.” She said as she pulled me by my hand along to the car. Pushing my inside she began to explain what was happening to me.

“Raisa, you will be flying to Los Angles, California to live with your mother Hyori Kang, and you will be living with her from now on. And to protect you your last name will be changed.” Anya said looking down at the paperwork in her hands.

“Wait? I don’t want to go live with my mother. I want to stay in Russia.” I said with a quiver to my lips. My mother I hated her she left me when I was three years old. I wanted to stay in Russia my one and only home.

“I am sorry Raisa. But it was Gretchenko’s last wish.”

Tears welled up in my eyes when she mentioned my father. Nicolai Gretchenko, he was a very powerful Tycoon. But unfortunately for him he was involved in black market deals. So when the UK took this as a threat they took out the threat.

“Anya, you don’t understand my mother left me! And how am I to hide when I don’t even look like her?” I cried my voice cracking.

Anya looked at me with Sympathy in her voice. “Raisa, I am sorry but beside your eyes you look much like your mother.”

I sighed; my whole world was crashing around me. This was all happening in such a short amount of time. Being sad about my father’s death seemed petty at this moment. I had other things on my mind that were more important.

As I dove into my deep lingering thoughts I didn’t noticed that we had driven to the Moscow International Airport, I saw many people from all over the world hustling and bustling getting into cabs and such.

As the car pulled to stop I stepped into the cold blistering Russian wind. Anya grabbed my luggage from the trunk and got me on a direct Express Flight to California. When she led me to the boarding gate of the airport she gave me a small hug.

“Raisa, never forget who you are. Never let those Americans bully you, ok? You are Russian, you are strong.” She gave me a small, sad smile. As her finger grazed my cheek, she peered into my eyes with her blue eyes. Looking as if she was about to cry.

Anya was like the mother I never had. I really did love her. I returned her strong hug. “I know I am Russian before anything else.” I gave her a hug; I felt fresh tears cut down my cheek. Giving her one last look I whispered a goodbye, “Русская любовь проходит сильное.” This meant “The Russian love runs strong.”

“Русская любовь проходит сильное” Anya whispered to me before I had to leave. As I walked down the boarding tunnel I saw Anya crying as she waved me off. That was the last time I saw her and my beloved homeland.

That was what happened two years ago, when I was fourteen. Back before all of this happened I still regret not begging Anya a little bit more. Maybe just maybe things could have been different….

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