1. start of summer

Imogens pov:

I woke up to a sunny but fresh breeze brushing past my face, oh how I loved these mornings the smell of crisp summer well obviously school had just finished, I walked downstairs very curiously after hearing some noises only to find the one and only megan who's my flatmate and BFFL "urm who let you in" i began to ask realising what i had just said but before I could correct myself "you dumb nut idiot" megan laugh at me "shut up it's morning gimme a break" I said poking my tongue out walking over to my phone to pull out instagram. Fits of laughter came from the kitchen I dismissed it and carried on scrolling on instagram until I came across a picture of me sleeping "my god megan I'm gunna freaking kill y....." I stopped after I saw how many people liked it, I gave up on being mad and carried on watching the news in my amazing Disney pyjamas I've had for ages.


Megans pov:

i was just about to serve up breakfast when i overheard the news and saw Imogens face smash into the sofa "BREAKING NEWS a prisoner Jamie Jefferson has escaped and as of yet no one has been able to find him". The TV went off the first I had heard this is my life Imogen Jefferson was crying a faint stutter came out M....M...Megan I'm...I'm scared all I heard after that was sobs of tears then all of a sudden anger Imogen got up & punched straight through the drywall in the living room "great another thing to clear up" I said sarcastically looking at the damaged wall.


authors note- sorry i know its not great and not much at the moment i just really hope people like it. 

Thanks--> Astrid C

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