The Power Of Love - One Shot

This is my story for the danish competition "Movellas english class". Alicia Brown is a rich kid, and at her 18th birthday party, a guy in the staff tries to get her attention. When he messes up and brings her to a journey she hadn't asked for, they get lost. They both find new sides to themselves and looses some of their prejudices. Love finds its way between the rich girl and the poor guy. who would have thought that? NOT them, thats for sure!


1. Prologue

We may be from two different worlds

I may just have met you

It was by accident, but it was destined 

Everything happens for a reason, remember?

God planned this

Maybe im not what your mind thought you wanted 

But I am, what your heart wanted 

And that is

The Power Of Love


- MissMe



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