my part of town


1. hot summer day

                                                                 It was a hot day today me and my sister Marcy were heading down to dead mans creek. I didnt know why  we called it dead mans creek i mean no one has ever died down there but billy jean had both broke a arm or two at once down there, but thatvwas are fault be were riding down the creek on a on trash lide .But any wwere had just passed the old rusted car that crashed about 4 years ago because of a deer. it was pretty cool since we were walking home when it sister had  started complaining bye now i told her to hush if she wanted her brother stayed at home with moma and popa . he didnt do much at all but stay home and look at video box all day. that really made me mad cuz if i ever done that i would still be in trouble to this sister was 6 and did what ever i did she kinda was like a lost puppy.

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