Never to be forgotten

This was born on a school trip to the battlefields of World War I we went on with school. It was a roller-coaster of emotions, and I had to let them out in some way. Thus, this little baby was born.


1. Never to be Forgotten

They lay, forgotten, in the nameless fields,
Using the white, marble headstones as shields.
To save themselves, from the world, the ignorance, the pain,
And from those who call God's name in vain.

The blood flows in rivers,
The bodies drop like flies.
And in the midst of it all, a single poppy lies,
fateful, symbolic, and serene, 
Reminding us of the soldiers who were pushed to the extreme.

For in the name of their country they sacrificed their lives,
Their generals' words piercing them like knives,
Fighting, shooting, dying, saving,
Their sacrifice, forever remaining.

For all eyes to see.

Never to be forgotten. 

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