help from a friend

harry and Louis are best friends even though one direction is no more. they both have to kids, Darcy and Landon are Harry's and Megan and Trey are Louis's. but when both of they're wives are killed in a car accident, what do they do? a story of sorrow, loss, laughs, and friendship.


1. how it started

Harry's POV: She was perfect. her smile, her eyes, her hair, everything. why? why did she leave me? Why did she die in that car crash? why did she leave me, Darcy, and Landon? Why? I feel like screaming. She left me with a 8 year old Darcy and a 9 year old Landon. Why...

Louis's POV: she left me. she died in a car crash. its just me, Megan who is 8, and Trey who is 9. I cant do this with out her by my side. the kids know now but I cant believe they will never get to say "I love you mum." or tell about how they and they're mum went shopping, but will have to tell the story of how they're mum died in a car crash. I feel really bad for harry he lost his everything when he lost may (his wife). but there again I did to. I lost my everything....

Niall's POV: Man, I feel bad for harry and Louis. they must be going through a lot. we are going to the funeral today, I hope they will be alright especially Darcy, Landon, Megan, and Trey.

                                                              * skip to funeral *

Harry's POV: we sat in the chairs of the funeral home two caskets in the room. I just sat there with Darcy and Landon, who were crying. as soon as it was over me and Lou walked out. Niall, Zayn, and Liam had the kids. we walked to my car then started crying. what happened to my life? 

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