Superheros & Saving the Day

This one is not apart of the real story but anyway a weird machine gets delivered to sonic boom and turns Ally, Austin, Dez, Trish, and Adam into superheros but it also turns Trent into a super villain


1. Machines & Magic

(Delivery guy walks in) 

Delivery guy: delivery for Ally Dawson 

Ally: thank you 

(Delivery guy leaves) 

(Ally opens the box) 

Ally: uh this isn't an instrument 

 Austin: I wanna touch it 

Adam Dez Trish: me too

Ally: fine

(they all touch it and get electrocuted) 

Adam: well that (sings) hurt 

(a music note comes out of his mouth and blows up the jar of picks) 

Adam; I don't know what just happened but I'm terrified to sing 

Trish: Adam when did you put a superhero costume on 

Adam: I didn't 

Everybody: AHHH 

Trish: look I'm wearing on too and these heals are cute 

Ally: Austin so are we 

Austin: cool 

Dez: cool I have plunger swords 

Austin: we're superheros 

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