The day it all turned around

Bethany is a very unpopular girl at school infact she has no friends at all but what will happen on the night of her prom will she find romance or will she end up in disappointment.


1. The shop for a dress

Hey what you wearing for prom your pyjamas HAHA,NOT so yeah that's basically my school day getting picked on by everyone. And what's even worse is I don't have anything to wear for prom, and I don't want to embarrass myself in front of this really popular boy I like well not more than what I have already.DING yes the end of school finally, Mum can we go u the city today to look for prom dresses, ok but your only allowed to spend £30.WHAT everyone else is getting a £200 dress or something. Do you want a dress or not,FINE,we went to this place called dress for less its where you can get any sort of dress but you pay less.MUM there's nothing in here what I could wear, what about that dress over there,WOW it's BEAUTIFUL. So I grabbed it and went to the changing rooms mum it fits, wow that look GORGE dear.its only £25 so that mean you can spend £5 on shoes. OK, so I went to the shoe department and there were these really nice heels they were all silver and with some little gems on. And guess what they were £5 isn't that amazing, everything today is working out for me for once.

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