Zoey Woods is a 16 year old gamer girl, who likes many computer games. But, her
favorite is Minecraft. One day Zoey was playing minecraft and got sucked into a
1D-ish Nether portal. She doesnt know how. She landed in the world of minecraft
and saw One Direction, looking still super sexy even though they were all blocky-like.


1. Into The Portal

Zoey Woods was about to join a game on multiplayer, but her computer froze. When it froze, a 1D-ish Nether portal appeared. She went in, and landed in Minecraftia, all confused. Zoey was all blocky. Zoey was just prancing across a field, looking for someone too help. Zoey found a village. She entered the village and saw many villagers. She went into a house, and right infront of Zoey was ONE DIRECTION! "What would 1D be doing in Minecraftia?" Zoey thought. Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Liam had swords in their hands. They aimed for Zoey. "Wait! Stop! I'm a fan! Don't kill me!" Whimpered Zoey. The five boys took their swords out of their blocky hands. "Welcome to Minecraftia." Said Harry. "I can see that you got sucked up into that portal, too." Said Liam. "What is your name?" Asked Niall. "My name is Zoey.. Zoey Woods." Zoey answered. The boys showed Zoey around where they lived. Zoey liked it. It started to get dark. They were about to go to sleep... But... "Wait... guys... we only have 5 beds! What about Zoey?" said Zayn. "We need another bed. I will get some wool and some wooden planks." Said Liam. Liam saw a tree, and a sheep. Liam got his axe and sheer, and ran outside. After 7 minutes Liam has crafted a bed for Zoey. Liam placed the bed, and everyone went to sleep.

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