Screams and Cries


1. Columbine

Columbine High School Massacre has been one of the most gruesome high school shootings. A teacher and 12 students were killed that day and the tragedy left a mark on everyone who survived. Be it the perfect and ideal student Rachel Scott, the true christian Cassie Bernall or the young and aspiring poet Kelly Fleming, were all killed. 15 people (including the teacher and the shooters) lost their lives.

The two shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were bullied. They thought the only way to stop that was by killing people. Honestly, the two of them disgust me, but I pity them. The poor boys probably didn't know what they were doing. Later on after they were "bored" of shooting people they started knifing the next victims. Soon, they ended their "killing-spree" and shot themselves, i.e., committed suicide.

This tragedy has left a mark. I came to know about this from the "Chicken Soup for the teenage soul" series as there were a lot of stories and poems regarding this incident. Even the victim Kelly Fleming's poems were printed.

Here is a poem I wrote after I came across this incident and I hope you like it :)


Screams and cries are echoing through the hallway,

They said there are two shooters with guns and knives.

Everybody is running around,

This was the day when they shot up Columbine.


Everything's a chaos,

Students are running here and there,

Panic and anxiety is all you can feel,

You can hear distant gunshots.


First target was the library,

Where all the kids were killed,

No one could've helped,

All they could do was just stand still.


Boom, boom, boom,

Their gunshots echoed.

A few tears were escaping,

Everything happened so slow.


First it was Rachel, an amazing friend and a beautiful being,

Then it was Cassie,

Her long hair flowed,

Golden and wavy.


Then it was Lauren, her 4.0 didn't seem to matter at all,

For they were all the same to the two of them,

No love, no heart,

Killing people was all that mattered to them.


Isaiah's body was lying there pale,

Matthew head was penetrated and was burning like a flame.

John begged for his life but a single shot in the head,

Made him lose the life he led.


Coach Sanders, a stout man with white covering his face,

Died saving his students,

Like he always did.


So that's the story of Columbine,

A massacre never to be forgotten,

Where kids and adults lost their lives,

Died in pain with a bullet of a shotgun.

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