Camping With Him

"I. Hate. You." Kelsi grimaced, as she said each word with obvious hate. "You know you love me, Cupcake." Aiden winked before walking away.

Meet Kelsi Gillian, a laid-back girl who uses Tumblr for who knows how long. She reads books way too much, The Harry Potter Series being her favourite. And no, she's not those straight A students. She hates school and wants to get out of there as fast as she can.

Now, I introduce to you, Aiden Lester. Not the school's badboy, not a nerd, basically a nobody. He's a gamer and yeah, he has an ego the size of a blue-whale.

You see, they hate each other. Now what happens when you put these two into a camp? Trouble.

Find out more by reading "Camping With Him". C:


1. CPW : Prologue

Camping With Him 


Kelsi's POV

The sun shone brightly in the sky as I ran to the swing. I frowned as I saw the two swings occupied.

"May I bawwow the swing, pwease?" I asked the kid with brown hair, flowing to the right side of his face.

He pouted and crossed his arms, "No. I got here first."

"Pwease? I just got here and Papa told me that swings are the best in parks!" I exclaimed, pointing to my Papa who was sitting at the bench with Mama.

"So?" The kid asked.

I pouted and started to walk away, "That's is so unfair.", I mumbled to myself.

As I was walking to Papa and Mama, I heard someone run from behind.

"Wait! Wait!"

I turn around to see a boy with blonde hair, panting.

I looked up at him, still sad, "Yes?" I mutter.

"Why didn't you ask ME if you could bowwow my swing? My bestfwend, Aiden, is vair vair mean for not letting you bowwow his swing.", He explained, "Why don't you use mine?", he offered, while scratching the back of his neck. His cheeks grew pink as he asked.

I smiled brightly at him before exploding in happiness, "THANK YOU!"

Both of us made our way back to the swings, excited. I sat on the seat and started swinging.

"Who's this girl, Cam?" Aiden asked, pointing at me.

He blushed, "She's my new fwiend!"

I remembered I have't introduced myself, "I'm Kelsi." I smiled.

Aiden rolled his eyes, "You wook wike a twoll."

Cam frowned, "Don't be mean, Aiden" I sighed as Cam turned to look at me, "You need help with getting higher?"

I nodded excitedly, "Yes, pwease!"

He started pushing the swing higher and it made me happy, knowing I just made a new fwiend.



Author's Note

Whaddup! So, here is the prologue of my story. It shows the past and yeah. Please tell me if I should continue. If you're liking it so far, please give it a THUMBS UPPP. Please leave feedbacks too! I pinky-promise that the next chapter will be way longer than this!

If you want me read yours, comment below which one and I'll leave you a feedback. C:




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