Extreme Look Alike?!

What will happen when Nicole Adams is the extreme look alike of the famous Eleanor Calder? Will she be happy that she is or will she regret it? Read to find out!


1. One

***Nicole's POV


Hey guys my name is Nicole Gabrielle Adams and I'm 19 I live in. London and I'm I love with the band one direction... And if you want to know how I look like just look at Eleanor Calder yeah I look like her

We are NOT twins cause when I saw her at the one direction concert I kinda got a hair strand form her hair and I had a DNA test and we have no connection I know I guess I'm just lucky


Nahhhh I decided to tweet @ForeverNIALL10: Yeah I'm bored somebody help me?

And just for you guys to know my idol is my extreme look alike  

My phone is ringing ... I looked at the caller ID it was just my friend kyna so I answered it

K: hello! Nikki? You there?

N: yeah you fool I'm here why

K: my parents are getting divorced *sobs* 


N: really?! But why? And where are you staying?

K: that's why I'm calling uhm can I live there with you I know it's too much to ask just because that my mum is moving to Australia and my dad will be moving to America and I don't want to go with them! They told me that I have a choice to choose or find my own home so can I stay with you?

N: Of course Hun! I mean why not my mum won't mind! Did you just realize that I'm very happy right now?but not about your parents divorcing okay

K: OHMIGOSH thanks Nikki! I love you so much hey no homo

N: haha lol bye I have to tell mum and I'm going somewhere bye!

Then I hang up like yay! My best friend is going to live with me!

I went down to tell my mum

" Mum can Kyna live here? Her parents are getting divorced and she doesn't want to live with them"

"Sure I've always wanted 2 daughters" she said winking at me

" You're the best mum! And winking is not your thing" I said winking at her

"Oh yes it is " she was winking again oh how I love my mum

" Mum you corny "

"And you love me"

"I do" I kissed her in the cheek and went up to my room

I swear me and my mum are like sisters and if you are wondering where is my dead well he died when I was just 5 years old because he had lung cancer yeah I miss him I used to be a daddy's girl but now I have no choice but to be a mommy's girl

I checked my mentions and this is what I saw

@ILoveDani:@ForeverNIALL10 I don't care if you look like Eleanor you are still a slut!

Ouch I don't even get 1 meter close to boys there you have it she is my number 1 hater she just hates my guts for no reason so I decided to tweet back

@ForeverNIALL10: @ILoveDani Hun stop referring to yourself your not talking to a mirror :)

Ha she didn't tweet back anymore I owned her BURN BABY yeah and her real name is IZZY kyna calls her Izzy the Fatty that's why I love her

On cue Kyna texted me

From: My Hawt Moma

Heey yeah so I'm on my way I packed what I can pack already and by that I mean my clothes because I'm just too lazy I'm like 4 mins away from your house see ya Gabililiii Xx

Yeah she calls me that because of my first name Gabrielle and she saved her name on my phone not me.


** 5 mins later

The doorbell ringed and just like I expected Kyna!

"Hey Hawt Moma!" I joked and she just chuckled

"That's who I am" she said winking at me I helped her with her 5 bags!

"How much clothes do you need? You said you only brought clothes "

"I did that's not half of my closet yet and half of that bag is IS FOR YOU GURL! trying an American accent but failed

"But why?! " me shocked

"Cause you have a BIG walk in closet and what you only use one forth of it!? That's why I went shopping for you before I went here"

" I never told you to do that! Show me the receipt! I'll pay you!"

" No! I won't let you! Just consider that as my gift to you since I didn't give you a gift at your birthday" she said winking at me

"Fine but let's go to the club tomorrow but let me treat you okay?"

"Okay! Party time!"

"I said tomorrow"

"Urgh fine! I love you! "

"Love you too no homo okay?" I said copying her line

"Of course!"

***** Kyna's POV

I just love my girl and I'm no homo she's like the sister I've never had so I had to buy her a bunch of clothes. Cause I've been to her house a lot of times and gosh I have seen her cabinets she looks like Eleanor but doesn't have the same style as Eleanor

I am here to give her a dress and style make over so it's like I bought one of everything at forever 21


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