Waiting For Gonzo

Strand in Nowheresville? – check. Stalked by Isobel, the school psycho? – check. Befriended by a kid who dresses up as a hobbit in his spare time? – check. Oz likes a laugh. It’s not his fault some people have no sense of humour. But when a joke backfires, it triggers a chain of events that messes up everything BIG TIME.



Listen, G—this is important and there isn’t much time.

I want you to know what really happened, because things weren’t supposed to end like this.

I blame Marcel Duchamp, but he’s dead, so there’s not much anybody can do to him now. When he drew a moustache and a goatee beard on a copy of the Mona Lisa— which is probably the most famous painting in the world— he said he did it because he wanted to challenge people’s perception of what art could be.

He was lying.

He did it because it was funny.

Moustaches are funny.

End of story.

Except in this case, G—it was just the beginning.

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